Vitamins of The Mind 41-TheSecret101

Get Wisdom Get Result

The Source Of Every Good Thing Is Wisdom, Because Is The Principal Thing, So If You Truly Desire What You Need, Get Wisdom Get Result

Lack Of Knowledge Will Make You Think You Lack What Belongs To You In Excess. Therefore, Wisdom Is The Acquisition And Application Of Knowledge. Go For Wisdom!!! Get Wisdom Get Result

Wisdom Will Not Make You A Winner But A Champion, Because Everything Is Created By It. Get Wisdom Get Result

Wisdom Makes You Shine, It Separate You Among Your Equals. It Makes You Raise Your Head Up Among Your Peer And Give You New Name At The End. Get Wisdom Get Result

Wisdom Makes You Calm Within Challenges, And Keep You In Perfect Peace In Time Of Trouble. It Shows You The End From The Beginning. Get Wisdom Get Result.

Wisdom Will Makes You Use Your Discretion, Do The Right Thing At The Right Time, And Expecting A Right Result From Your Labor. Get Wisdom Get Result

Invest In Yourself You Will Build Your Life, Invest In Your Life You Will Build Your Destiny, Invest In Your Destiny You Will Build Your Future, And Invest In Your Future To Save Your Generation. Get Wisdom Get Result

Absent Of Wisdom Create Fear, Fear Deprive You Of Your Inheritance. Dominion Launch You into The Realm Of Unlimited Possibility. Wisdom Is At The Foundation of Every Inheritance And Dominion. Get Wisdom Get Result

Preparation Is The Key To Actualization, As Expectation Is To Manifestation. Wisdom Is The Bedrock For Preparation And Expectation. Get Wisdom Get Result

Prepare To Deliver, And Expect To Get Your Desire By Wisdom. So Get Wisdom Get Result, And In All That, You Are Getting Get Understanding.

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