Vitamins of The Mind 42-TheSecret101

It Shall Come To Pass

Life is designed In A way That All That You See, Desire, And You Ready To Get Will Become Yours One day, Because It Shall Come To Pass.

Your Heart Is The Factory That Produces All That You Believe. Therefore, As Far As You Can Keep Your Heart Working Everything That You Believe, Will Soon Be Yours, And It Shall Come To Pass.

Every day Is God’s Day, The Day That You Believe Is Your Own Day. God Is Ever Ready If You Can Still Have Faith That It Shall Come To Pass.

One Major Course In The School Of Success Is Vision101, And The Key To Excel In This Course Is For You To See The Possibility Of The Future, Because Whatever That You Can See, It Shall Come To Pass.

Hard work Is One Of The Major Courses In The University Of Life, And In The Department Of Abundance. The Secret Is This, Whatever You Can Work, It Shall Come To Pass.

If You Can Confess Your Believe And Behave What You Confess, You Will Attract All That You Can Desire Because, It Shall Come To Pass.

Life Is All About Working And Waiting, Not Waiting Without Working, Because Work Provokes Reality And Generate Assurance Of The Future. It Shall Come To Pass.

Ability To Work Bring The Change That You Desire. Change Is All About Movement. If You Don’t Stop, You Will Surely Get To The Place Called There, From here, Because It Shall Come To Pass.

The Secret101
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