Vitamins of The Mind 22a-TheSecret101

Just Do It Right

Life Is So Serious Compare To What You Think It Is. You Need To Be Hard To Yourself If You Don’t Want Things To Be Hard For You. Just Do It Right

You Will Be Better If You Treat Life Good, Better, And Great. Life Is About Continuous Growth. Just Do It Right

Give To Life Exactly What You Want From Life. Life Is A Product Of Daily Input, Not magical Of Overnight. Just Do It Right

Take Time Off, To Develop Your Self, Talk to the Universe To Know What Next. If You Want To Get Anything Out of Life, Invest And Sacrifice. Good Is Dividends, And Dividends is Result. Just Do It Right

You Need To Appear Fresh And Look Good Every day, Because You Need To Give Fresh Stuff, If You Don’t Want To Old Stuff From Life. Just Do It Right

Whatever You Want To Be as Already Be With Someone Just Locate That Person. You Don’t Need To Go Through Process Again, Just Follow Process. Just Do It Right

Greatness Is Not Hard To Get; It Is People That Is Too Hard To Learn. If You Can Adhere To Universe Instructions, Result Will Flow Your Way Endlessly. Just Do It Right

Life Is So Deep, Far And Real To The Seekers. But If You Are Not Ready To Go Search, Seek And Knock You Can’t Get Anything Out Of It. Just Do It Right

You Need to Be What You Want To Be, Before You Can Do, What You Need To Do, And Have What You Need To Have. Just Do It Right.

You Need To Say What You Want From Life, Before You Can See What Becomes Of You. Do It Right.

The Secret101
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