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Vitamins of The Mind 6 TheSecret101 …….Nothing is Free, There Is A Price Tag

Nothing is Free, There Is A Price Tag

Every good thing is not FREE and every free thing is not GOOD. Know and be ready to pay for all that you really desire. Nothing Is Free, There is a Price Tag.

There is no future for the lazy, there is no expectation for the hopeless and there is no tomorrow for those that cannot pay. There is a Price Tag

Life Demand Price From Everybody, Keep Ball Rolling And Keep Life Going Everybody Must Pay. Nothing is Free, There Is A Price Tag

Champion are not born, there are made by Price. What you are not ready to pay for can not follow you home. Nothing Is Free, There Is A Price Tag.

The Poor Say I can’t afford it, The Rich Ask What Can I do to Pay for It, Because I really Need It. Nothing is Free, There Is A Price Tag

It Is Only Free When You Pay For It…Everybody Must Pay Either Direct or Indirect.

The Secret101
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