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Vitamins of The Mind 53-TheSecret101…….. Assumption Breeds Frustration

Assumption Breeds Frustration

Life Is A Discovery The More You Know The More You Will Know That You Don’t Know What You Need To Know. Assumption Breeds Frustration

Never Do Anything Because Of Present Benefits Attach, You May Not be Able to Afford the Hidden Consequences. Assumption Breeds Frustration

Assumption Makes You Place Your Judgment On Now, Which Sometime Result In Frustration, And You Know Frustration Is The End Result Of Assumption. Assumption Breeds Frustration

You Don’t Have To Change What You Have For What You Don’t Know, It Is Better You Work On What You Have Than Trying New Thing, It Can Be New Problem Sometimes. Assumption Breeds Frustration

Your Life Experience Is The Platform At Which To Know Whether You Have Learn What You Know . Assumption Breeds Frustration

… be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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