This Day 07062013…New Month New Goal

Goals2Sixth Day Of The Month JULY 2013

It’s A Day To List All That You Desire In Life
It’s A Day To See The Possibility Of All That You Want In Life.

What Is Goal?

Goals Are The Magnet Of Life That Will Draw You To Your Desirable Future.

Goal Settings Is The Force That Gives You A Clear Picture Of What You Want, When You Want It, How To Get And The Steps To Take To Get It.

Goal Setting Propel You To Action And Instinct A Power Inside You to Do And Undo.


#1 If You Don’t Know What You Want, You Will Miss What Belongs To You
#2 If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going Everywhere Will Look Like It.


#1 Goal Setter Are Gold Getter
#2 Goal Setter Are Future Leader


1. DETERMINE What You Want
2. Know WHY You Want It
3. SEE Yourself Achieve It
4. WRITE Down What You Want
5. Note FIVE THINGS You Need To Do Everyday In Other To Achieve Steps 4
6. ACT On Step 5
7. REPEAT Step 6 Everyday Until You Achieve Your Goal.

The Secrets Today

If You Don’t Set Goal You Will End Up As A Goat…Bishop David Oyedepo
If You Live Your Life By Chance You Don’t Have A Chance… Rotimi Adedokun
Nothing Happens By Chance Everything Happens By Choice And Change… Rotimi Adedokun

Till I Share With You Tomorrow

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun

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