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MeThe Greatest Asset Of Life Is Now And Now Is A Product Of Today
Today Is What You Need If You Believe
Today Is The Best Day If You Work It
Today Is Your Day If You Are Ready
Today Will Be Productive If You Plan It

There Is Nothing Like Tomorrow All You Have Is Today
Today Is Loaded With All The Goodness That You Can Desire
Remember What The Wise Says ” Never boast about tomorrow You don’t know what will happen between now and then” Proverbs27:1
Rather Boast In Today And Live It To The Fullness

Today Well Live Is Future That You Will Enjoy
Today Well Plan Is Greatness In The Womb
Today Well Prepare Is Your Solid Future
Today Is The Platform For Your Life
Remember Today Precede All Other Things

Today Well Invested Will Prepares You For The Future
Today Well Planned Will Give You Rest Roundabout
Today Well Equipped Will Guarantee Your Place In Destiny
Today Well Studied Will Gives You Confidence To Continue
Today Well Believed Will Give You Capacity To Go Above And Beyond

Today Or Nothing
Today Or Never
Today Or Nomore
Today Or Forget It
Today Or Delete It

Your Future Will Be The Reflection Of Your Today
Your Today Is A Seed That You Sow Into Your Future
Today Is The Foundation For Your Future
Today Create Your Place In Destiny
Today Breeds All You Want And All That You Will Need

Embrace Today
Appreciate Today
Invest In Today
Love Today
Study Today
Be Proud Of Today

Make Your Correction Today You Cannot Afford Pileup Work
Settle Your Debt Today If You Don’t Want To Remain Among The Debtors Tomorrow.
Serve God Today If You Don’t Want To Regret Your Future
Get Things Done Today, It Is A Platform For You To Take Lead Tomorrow
There Is No Tomorrow If You Don’t Invest Properly, Efficiently And Excessive Today

Today Is A Seed Sow It
Today Is Time Invest It
Today Is Peace Embrace It
Today Is Excess Manage It
Today Is Knowledge Acquire It

Today Is The Greatest Opportunity Of Your Life.

Think Future Think Today

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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