COUNSELS…one word, express in one hundred words in one hundred days.



Counsels Are The Proven And Tested Knowledge. Counsels Are Simply Wisdom From Those That Have Results About Your Vision.

As Vision Is Identify With Young Men, So Counsel Is Identify With Old Men. No Matter What You Know, You Don’t Know Everything. In Order To Soar Like Eagle, You Need Eagle’s Counsel.

What You Need Is Not Adviser But A Mentor.
Advisers Are Going In Different Direction, Mentors Have Been And Still In Your Direction.

Remember Without Counsel Purposes Are Destroyed. In The Multitude Of Counselors There Is Safety And You Known By Good Counsel You Can Wage Your War.

One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

FB: Rotimi Adedokun
Twitter: @adedokunr


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