The 5 Gear Secret Of Life


LIFE 101

Success is a race, which only the wise can WIN. You are the best available to get the best done for others. You could make the change that we need because no one else can do it. Remember all objects remain at the place of rest until and any form of force is applied. You are the force that will trigger the change we need in the whole world. Stand up, stand firm, stand out, leave the crowd, do something different today to make the world a better place. How long will you wait for people to instruct you or direct you on what to do? Your life is the best that all other lives will soon choose to live like. Responsibility is the key to greatness. If you fail to do what you needed to do another person will replace you and render your existence unproductive.


If you take your time to watch a car and how it moves, then you will know that life can be illustrated in that manner. Life is all about level; the car starts on a neutral gear-to-gear 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If the car gets to the last level of the gear, “5,” it will take only the car that has an engine bigger than it to overtake it.


You are on the neutral gear now, until you start moving, nobody will know the capacity that lies inside you, I mean the engine inside of your car. Start now, if you need fuel (information), and then get it; you need car keys (vision) get it; if you are afraid to ride alone, get a partner (Team). All I want you to do is start now, now is the best time.


Once you are on the race of life, I am very sure you will love it. Life is about percentage and choice. 5% control the world while the remaining 95% run around the world. At this time it does not matter where you are or where you are starting from, what really matter is that you start just launch out. Once you have started do not stop moving because those that wait will get wasted, leave where you are now because it’s not the best place for you. I need you, please move out of your comfort zone. THE BEST PLACE IS THE WORST AND ROUGH PLACE. The number one enemy of progress is complacency, please do not just do be something different and get something different.


Congratulations on your new step but I will call it an old step. You have made the commitment and you need to improve like I said earlier to be satisfy with what you have is the admission into the school of poverty. The only and good way to change to maximize and appreciate the best of your position is to go out, Look for a Problem to Solve. It is very good to work for someone and here are two reasons why I advise you to take up a job:

1.To make little money to start your life and business
2.To gain experience about what you want to do in life

If you are working against these points above, I will advise you write your resignation letter today. You will not know why, but the reason is that you are working against a law of Wealth in the school of success and you are unknowingly working for the law of Poverty. What you need to be doing now is to run after knowledge and gather many information, and as you learning you need to start building your team, look for people of the like mind. A life without others is a life of one, and life does not recognize one but more and abundance. Even the greatest Teacher in the ancient book said wherever two or more people come together, that their requests shall be met. I want you to look for people that have the same vision like you. You can’t do it alone, a man is not an island and all you need are people to run for you and to run with. Until you change your gear, you will be moving at a very slow speed. To move up look for people that could replace your present seat and you will move ahead to get your next seat.


Until you are here, you are nowhere. You can start well and move faster, but you needed to move to an extent that you do not even feel like you are holding a wheel anymore. If gear 1 makes you move, Gear 2 moves you ahead, so Gear 3 makes you stay ahead. It is one thing to move ahead and another thing to stay ahead. When you are here, nobody can come around to tell you what is not. Here you know what it takes because you have gone through the necessities of life. You have moved from 1-3. You are the best but not among the best. What you need to do is learn, read and attend seminars and get around the good mines, your association will determine your accomplishment, and your accomplishments will determine your destiny. You need to move with people that are in gear 3; to rub minds together, get to know about what they did that made them stay there, then you get data about other ways you could come up, other ways you could do things apart from your old ways. Life is all about SECRETS. Your secret might be different from others. You will only be where you are if you learn because up there is not for kids but for Men and Women of Wisdom. So get along, and be relevant.


You are now good, better and excellent. So all you need to do now is to overtake. What take you here cannot take you there. Some people are in gear 3, but don’t access the information that you have. They cannot sacrifice their time, and resources to get better. Therefore, it is your right and opportunity to overtake them, and do not wait. Move, Move, and move, I mean now. Change your gear to the next gear overtake your mates, double your results, because you are more detailed and better than they, don’t care, just move. This is the right time for you to come around the exceptional leaders. You need to be a leader, you need to know how you deal with people you have groomed, give them all you have and let them know what help you in life, show them the different ways you have learnt. Gear four is all about get result by grooming others. That’s what leadership is all about. It takes a real and good leader to raise good leaders. The secret here is to bring people up to gear three.


I know you would believe me that what makes you use your last gear is simply you have people that have taken your place in gear 3, nobody moves in life until they help others. People are your greatest assets in life. Helping them not necessarily financially but mentally and also assisting, on what to do and showing them how to get it done in a perfect manner. The good news is that you are on your last lap. Here you look behind you, there is nobody coming your way, you are the only man on that path, do you know why? Nobody knows what you know; the information you have is too much for them to comprehend. All you need to do now is make money via nothing, you get result with much input, you take lead without opposition and you make the different with proves. There is a law I just enacted, it is called the Law of Nothing to Something. This law work for anything you can think of. So all you need now is taking nothing to something by turning your purpose of living to products that people needs to live with. Write books, produce DVD’s, coaching classes, organize seminars etc. The key here is to start helping people at any level to come on board. The reason you need to help people is that the road you are riding is too wide, also too lonely. Nobody that ignores learning can come this far. This is the road of the 5% running this world via what I called this 3 P’s of Success. They are Purpose, Product, and Price. Here you do not get anything with money, but everything comes to you free.


Finally, I know you will be thinking there is no gear 6, so what is he going to talk about? Well you need to give back (Reverse Gear) looking back to see what God and people helped you to become, all you need to do is help by giving scholarships, set up foundations to help people, add value to lives around. Let people see you as small god, because that exactly what you are. Look around you and make sure you help people. Helping others is a seed of destroying the yoke of lack in your entire lineage. Make sure, make sure, and make sure, you make this your reason for living. The secret to Live forever is giving. Give back to God, society and other bodies. Remember to live a great life on earth, you need to move like a car.

Therefore, what are you waiting for; use your gear, start your car and speed up.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

FB: Rotimi Adedokun
Twitter: @adedokunr


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