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The Secret Of Success

The Foundational Key To Success Is Breaking The Rules And Obeying Love. Therefore, as success is predictable so is failure.

Success Don’t Happen By Time But By Illumination. Success Is The Light Inside, That Reflect On The Outside For All To See. Your Outside Is A Reflection Of Your Inside. You Cannot Be Successful More Than What You Knowledge. You Invest Part Of Your Income Because You Know The Cost Of Poverty. Success Therefore Is A Function Of Your Depth Of Knowledge. Success Is Not Success But Trying To Be Successful Is. Those That Celebrate Too Long Will Soon Fizzle Out. Be Thankful For Your Present Success, But You Need To Get Back To Work If You Want To See Another.

Results Can Expire, Vision Can Be Blunt But Influence Remains Forever. Success Is The Force That Make Known Openly What You Are Doing In The Secret. Greatness Is Not For The Complacent, As Capacity Is Not By Words. Also Capability Is Not By Struggle But Success Is Measured By Results. You Can Lie To Others But Not Yourself. Your Conscience Will Tell If You Are Going To Be Successful Or Not. Remember, Whatever Man Sow The Same Shall You Reap. If You Sow Little You Will Reap Little And If You Sow Much You Will Reap Much.

5 Stages Of Success
Knowing Where You Are Going
Learning How To Get There
Act On What You Know
Correct Your Mistakes
Celebrate Your Success

The Level Of Your Input Will Determine The Level Of Your Output. Success Is The End Result Of Your Commitment, Focus And Faith In The Course That You Believe. That Is Why People Don’t Succeed In Group But Individual.

Think Success Think You

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
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