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I think we should pay more attention to this great truth on this special day. If one day out of 365 days of the year is slated for thanksgiving, in my own understanding I guess we should know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Common knowledge has painted wrong picture to us about this fact and we have all successfully received the lies that thanksgiving is a turkey day. No it is not, thanksgiving is for thankgivers that won’t stop giving thanks and always remain thankful.

Regardless of your day to day challenges and your super uncertainty of life. Your breath is extremely imperative in life for continuity. Remember, continuity is the rule of the game in the school of success. This was the very reason why one of the renowned ancient singers named king David said in one of his songs that let everything that has breath praise the lord. The reason is simple, your breath is what you need to provoke God for the next. Also you might not have what you want, but you don’t have what you use to have. There is always reason to be thankful, but ingrates will never see reason why they should. So, if you are part of thanks givers, I want you to be careful and don’t associate with people that are not.

Below are the characteristics of a thanks givers.

1. Great Thinkers: The depth of your thoughts are the determinant of the height of your gratitude, and remember gratitude is the secret of altitude. Your understanding of how life works is the key factor to your action. Therefore, if you are not a deep thinker you will never be an anointed thanksgiver. It is from thinking that you will know that, you can of yourself do nothing that is, it is God that works in you both to will and do His good pleasure. Thoughts will let you know that it is by the Lord’s mercy that you are not consumed. It is your thought that will let you know that you don’t qualify to be promoted but God in His infinite mercy still promoted you anyways. If you see people that are not reasoning, mediating and thinking on this great day, I want you to run for your life and depart to a far place. Why? Murmurs steal joy, so refuse to associate with them.

2. Great Believers: Faith is a currency that has purchasing power to acquire anything in the world. In fact, without faith it is impossible to please God and if you can’t please God you will never have a reason to be thankful. Today some are in deep regret and trouble, simply because they don’t know how to engage or trade what they have for what they want. So, it is not good enough to associate with great thinkers, you must also befriend great believers. Thoughts alone does not position you to be thankful, you have to step up and believe in the reality of your thoughts. Today, lack of faith has successful stolen the joy of many, by this reason they became lonely, rejected and sad. On this great day, carefully identify people that don’t have faith in themselves and depart from them with speed.

3. Great Workers: Work is the force that bring both thoughts and faith into reality. Therefore, it is not enough to associate yourself with people that think well and believe strong but it is much safer to be around people that are working. Work is the only ticket of life that gives access to the unlimited opportunity that life offers. People that don’t work will never have a reason to be thankful. Why? They don’t have a platform for the invisible God to leverage. The reason is simple, the invisible work with the visible in other to provide the possible. That is, the invisible God always work with the visible men to provide the possibility to all impossible situations. Results and answers are always waiting for the workers. Laxity cancel opportunities, nullify chances and destroy greatness. Please, work hard to stay away from people that are not thinkers, depart from people that are not believers, and run away from lazy people.

Even as you celebrate today, I want you to know that results is not enough in the school of success but the continuity of it is the key. To be thankful next year you have to engage and embrace the above identity secrets of thanks givers. Always see reason in this season, and appreciate what you have received, because it is the secret that qualifies you for more.

Happy thanksgiving!

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun