Life Secrets For The Year….2017


Studying theology cannot make you a theologian. Your depth in God’s Word is the only guarantee for a successful ministry. Remember no one has ever seen God even Moses does not succeed in that task. John 1:18

There are schoolmates, course-mates, housemates, roommates, age-mates, but there are no life-mates, Destiny-mates and Grace-mates. Being in the same class does not equal mate life. First class in class does not guarantee first in life.

Greatness is not inheritable. Life is not designed for the careless. Success is scarce. Winning is not cheap. Breakthrough is not for the weak. To make a mark you have to have some marks, embrace some pains and endure hardness.

Championship is about breaking the rules. Breaking old records and setting new ones. Those who will become great will be disgrace by men but end up enjoying some grace by God. They will set a standard that only few can embrace and creates a new world that only few can inhabit.

No matter the level of speed that lies may enjoy, the truth will overtake it in one day. Because weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Success may take time; greatness may delay, but the result is sure.

Every Joseph must be hated by His brothers. Sold into slavery, bought by Potiphar, implicated by Potiphar’s wife. Send back to prison; interpreter dreams to people, called by Pharaoh after two years, but one thing is sure he will end up as a prime minister in a strange land without a campaign for election.

The deeper you go, the more you will know and the more distance you will cover, and the more experience you gather. Shallow is a product of lack of dedication and commitment. If you can invest more, you will command more respect.

The step you don’t take will disqualifies you for the greatness that belongs to you. Big is a function of small plus small plus small and plus small until everything adds up to be big.

Let drives be your backbone, let continuity flows in your vein and arteries. Befriend commitment and embrace personal development. Brainstorm with life and subscribe to get admission into the school of diligent.

What you cannot do is what you don’t want to do. The place you cannot go is the place that you don’t want to go. The things that you cannot get are the things that you don’t want to get. Life is infinity. You are the limit of your life.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

Rotimi Adedokun

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