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One ancient writer said, “God has not given us the spirit of fear…” (2Tim 1:7), however, it is imperative to know that we all be afraid of one thing or something. Sometimes last year in South Dakota at Ellsworth military base, I preached a message titled “Conquering The Spirit Of Fear.” While I was trying to round off the service, I perceived in my spirit that the devil was talking back to me, making me doubt all that I had preached. Immediately I replied the devil that you are not in charge of my thought but God. Jesus is the Word, and He is the Way, not Devil. Therefore, anytime you hear a strange voice in your being, telling you what you cannot do, quickly react by saying, listen, Mr. Devil, it is not your call to say to me or let me know about my limitation. This is the secret, anytime you hear who you cannot see; you have to speak aloud, so people are around would ask who are conversing. This is the secret of living life, be a SPEAKER. All speakers speak. If you want to be in charge of your destiny and win your war, you have to develop the capability to speak. The word SPEAKING is from two words: Speak and King. In my view, I will say, every speaker speaks, and those who speak are kings.

The devil cannot be in charge of you until he shuts your mouth. Until he captures your thoughts, he cannot imprison your life. The ability to say, what others would not say, is the secret to live in a world that others cannot afford. The reason is simple, we’re living in this world of words. God created the heavens and the earth with His words. Jesus conquered his oppositions by His word. Until politicians’ words are heard, their aspiration may never see the light of the day. Pastors inspire their congregation with the word so they can live a life of intention and results. The big question, what about you? Are your words ready and seasoned enough to be heard? Or are you brave enough to speak?

How to Speak
Speak with Knowledge—You cannot speak about what you don’t know. Knowledge fuels words.
Speak with Passion—You can’t pass on, what you can’t pass in. Life is FIFO. First In First Out
Speak from You—Originality cannot be acquired, it is intentional, and it can be developed.
Speak with Compassion—Let your words meet people where they are not where you are.
Speak into the Future—Until you say the impossible, you may never see the possible.

How to Turn Anything Around

Discover what is written—Until you know about it you can never speak it
Believe it (the Word)—Belief is the pointer to what you have received.
Acts with speed—Inability to act is the evidence that you don’t believe. Every received word gives the energy to move.
Hold on to faith—Everything must be tested and proven; if you fake it, life will expose you.
Be Unwavering—Stability is what attracts others to your tree and trusted in its fruits
Celebrate Confidence—The ability to embrace little things give room to a big thing. Celebrate!
Testify of the written word—No one lacks what they share, people only lack what they keep.

It is okay if you cannot control the situation, but it is not okay if you cannot speak change into the situation. This is the secret; words are powerful, light, shaper, life and real. The more you speak, the more things change, the better you speak, the faster things turn, and the deeper you speak the easier things become. Words are king. Don’t just say something, but speak something. Do you want to see the change in your world? Speak, Speak now, Speak life, because words are creative. Speak and see your world change.

…be inspired, live an abundant life and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun