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We are now living in a world of buying and selling where attention is the new currency. Do you want to know the secret of making your first six-figure and start living your real life? Remember, you are designed as a king and queen to impact your world. The question is, why are you living below standard? Why are you not earning enough money, helping more people, and living the life that you want? With over 10years of helping many people worldwide and with a sound military background in the United States, Rotimi Adedokun is ready to help you understand the secrets of living a life. In this two days life, change sessions starting Monday 8/31/2020 1 PM – 3 PM CST and Tuesday 9/1/2020 1 PM – 3 PM CST. Rotimi will unveil and help you to have a shift in mentality and the 12 secrets that you need to start living and applying to your life for immediate results.
The Secret of Unseen
The Secret of Purpose
The Secret of Vision
The Secret of Attention
The Secret of Selling
The Secret of Planning
The Secret of Team
The Secret of Branding
The Secret of Names
The Secret of Action
The Secret of Repetition,
The Secret of Impact.

Inside you is what it takes to help the world. Many lives depend on you. It is your turn and your time. This class will fill up in no time, so take action now and be part of the new breed without a leash that will take over their world. Those who know today will lead and earn tomorrow.

You are designed for royalty, and you cannot afford to settle for less.

Rotimi Adedokun