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2020: Writing Challenge Day 7 | ANXIETY | Rotimi Adedokun https://wp.me/p2ylqq-17z


You can’t be anxious about anxious and not remain anxious in life. Anxiety is a person; just as peace is a person, whoever you yield to will determine how you will end. To be worried about life is not bad, but to consistently stay anxious needs to be checked.

The only way anxiety will never win is when you win yourself. Take the fight to anxiety and be prepared to win. Anxiety will always compel her victim to concede defeat before the fight, but as for you, hold your stands and fight until you win. Defeat is a function of external forces that dominate your internal will-power, intending to paralyze you.

The only way out of anxiety is to fight. You fight by confronting anxiety and dictate what will happen. You fight by living ready and not get ready. You will win your fight by refusing to back out but step forward to decide who wins. Those who wait for things to happen will always watch things happening against them and not for them. Anxiety will always take the lead of slackers, therefore, to be anxious.

It is good to run your life, but once you allow life to run, you are on your way to becoming a patient of life. Be bold and ready, stand up top and focus, live ready, and be sure, then anxiety will be far from you.

Thinking anxiety think life deterioration.

The big question is, what are you anxious about?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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