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The Secret Of Planning
Planning Makes Living Profitable. Planning Is The Mother Of All Round Success. It Is The Force That Propels Unending Results. It’s Fertilizes Effort And Compels Result Without Struggle. Without Planning Expect Average Life And Unbefitting Future.

The Secret Of Planning
Planning Creates Room For More
Planning Multiples Results
Planning Increases Efficiency
Planning Attracts Great Inner Circles
Planning Guarantees Reward And Breeds Confidence

Life Nuggets Of Planning
Living Without Planning is Vanishing Without Knowing
Starting Your Day Without Planning Is Wasting Without Knowing
Launching Without Planning Is Resources Wasting Without Knowing
Talking Without Planning Is Declaring Yourself A Fool Without Knowing

Planning And Responsibility
Plan Your Finances, It Is The Best Way Not To Be A Slave To Debt.
Plan To Get Acquainted With God, It Is The Easiest Way To Be god Over All Situation Around.
Plan To Be A Better Person, It is The Easiest Way To Prepare Yourself For The Future Opportunities.
Plan To Know Acquire And Apply What You Know, It Is The Best Way To Remain Relevant Throughout Your life
Plan To Be A Better Parent, It Is The Best Way To Live After Your Death.
Plan To Love Your Spouse More, It Is The Best Way To Make God Happy.

You Can Invest Wrongly, But Better Planning Will Save You Treasures, Time And Your Life.

The Secret
Without Planning It Is Impossible To Get The Best Of Life, Those Who Come To Life Must Ready To Fulfill All It’s Demand Before They Can Enjoy It Rewards.

Planning Breeds Expansion And Creates Room For More.

Thinking Planning Think Success

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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The Power Of Planning


PlanningPlanning Is The Mother Of All Round Success. If You Can’t Plan, Don’t Think Success.

Whatever You Don’t Plan For Has Automatically Plan For You. Therefore, If You Want To Be A Champion,Plan Daily And Often.

Planning Is The Force That Attract The Future To You And Recommend You For Success.

Planning Is The Readiness Of Heart That Create Focus On A Purpose.

The Life Nuggets Of Planning

If You Don’t Plan To Be Rich You Have Plan To Be Poor
If You Don’t Plan to Be successful You Have Plan To Be A Failure
If You Don’t Plan To Be Spiritual You Have Plan To Be Carnal
If You Don’t Plan To Get Marry You Have Plan To Remain Single
If You Don’t Plan To Be You, You Have Plan To Be Some Else

Life Is Designed For Negative And Positive. If You Don’t Embrace Planning You Will Constantly Be On The Negative Size.

The Definition

Planning Is The Unstoppable Force That Get Things done Before You Start.

The Benefits Of Planning

Planning Initiate Readiness Of Heart
Planning Establish Purpose For Living
Planning Build Confidence For Action
Planning Breeds Assurance For Result
Planning Settles Mission And Clarifies Vision.

Understand Planning

Planning Registers You In The School Of Success
Planning Create Space For You Among The Champions
Planning Is 50% Result Guarantee
Planning Is The Foundation For Life
Planning Is Winning Invisible Battle

Fear In The Heart Is A Result Of Lack Of Planning. Planning Is The Mother Of Boldness. Planning Says Always Ready, Winning And Leading.

Plan For The Following :

Plan To Know God More
Plan To Develop Yourself
Plan To Know What To Do And Not To Do
Plan To Handle Life Rightly
Plan To Love In All Situation
Plan To Attack In Time Of War
Plan To Be Calm In Time Of Peace
Plan To Be The Solution To Problems
Plan To Be The Answer To Questions
Plan To Be In Charge Of Situation And Circumstances Of Life

Think Through
God Has A Good Plan To Give You Expected End Jer. 29:11
Devil Has A Plan To Steal, Kill And Destroy You. John 10:10.
What Plan Do You Have For Yourself?

The Mystery Of Life

If You Don’t Want To Fall Into The Plan Of Devil. You Must Plan To Fall Into God’s Plan.

The Word

We should make plans—counting on God to direct us. (Proverbs 16:9 Living Bible)

Special Plans For Your Life

Plan To Love And Serve God
Plan To Be Financially Free
Plan To Love Your Wife
Plan To Respect Your Husband
Plan To Train Your Children
Plan To Make Your Home The Best
Plan To Be A Blessing To Your World

The 7 Steps To Plan

Know Your Purpose.
Commit Your Purpose To God
Engage The Helper Ministry
Stand A Watch Of Expectation
Take Good Notes
Invest Time To Review Your Notes
Sit To Think Through

The Secret
Sit To Plan If You Don’t Want To Stand To Serve.

Think Result Think Planning

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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