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2020: Writing Challenge Day 10 | REFLECTION | Rotimi Adedokun


Reflection is the highway to your destination. Reflection is the secret of champions. Reflection carries a solution, and until you reflect well, you may never attend to some great things. Reflection is the gateway to distinction. Reflection always befriends appreciation, date manifestation, and celebrate multiplication.

Reflection makes you either ponder or plunder. If you ponder on life’s situation, you will come out with solutions, but if you plunder on it, you will soon expire. Reflection gives you the power to see with the third eye and imagine possibilities in an unseen world.

The reflection on your successes helps you to see what you can do better. The reflection of your mistakes and failure makes you know what to avoid. Reflection can either place your life on either caution or motion. Reflection teaches you wisdom, gives knowledge, and empowers you with the ability to understand the rudiments of destiny. Reflection is the mother of progress, and progress is the highway to your next level.

When you reflect on your problem, it will become a challenge; when you reflect on a challenge will present to its solution. If you reflect on financial freedom, you will soon be out of debt. If you reflect on family peace, you will quickly develop a genuine love for your spouse.

The 5 Secrets of Reflection

  1. Reflection creates answers
  2. Reflection provides solutions
  3. Reflection Invites greatness
  4. Reflection solves problems
  5. Reflection makes ways

Think reflection think solution.

The big question is, when last do you reflect on your life?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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