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The Real Love

VALIn this great month of love let’s talk about LOVE.

What Is Love?

Love is what bring real meaning to life. Everything without love is nothing. Nothing with love is everything. Life is bankrupt without love. Fortune without love is bankruptcy in disguise. Love is everything as everything is love.

The Greatest Love In History

The greatest LOVE a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them. (John 15:13 GNB)

Husband and wife loves each other, but they can’t die for each other. Father loves his son but he can’t die for him. Mother loves her daughter, but she can’t die for her. There is love in the air but there is no true love out there. The ultimate mission of true love is death.

What Is Death?
Death Is The Priceless Cost That Cannot Be Quantify With Any Type Of Currency.

True Life Scenario
Some years ago on February 14th, a teenage boy was burning with passion for a young girl. He expressed his feeling to her he said can you be my VAL, because am in Love with you. What does it takes to love and how do you really know you love me she asked? The young boy stood and was gazing at the young lady without single word in response to her questions.

Life is all about question the number of questions that you can answer will determine how much life will give you.

The day is asking how much are you willing and ready to invest? Your family is asking are you ready for us? Your employer is asking what are you willing to offer for the overall achievement of the company’s vision? So is the love question. Love is not sex—you will get tire of it. Love is not affection—it will soon fade away. Love is not gift—anything with price is affordable. Real love is simply dying for your zeal.

Think about this:

If you lose your too arms will your husband still love you?
If you lose your job will your wife still respect and love you?
If you lose your eyes will your soul mate still want to marry you?
If you fail to perform your responsibility in the family will your children still reckon with you?

Love therefore is the unbreakable and unstoppable force for zeal that cannot be stop by self-desires.

The big question is are you truly and still in love? Think about this, did he truly love you? Are you sure she deeply loves you? Love is a living force, draw from the unseen world with great proves. It speaks, grows and is not stagnant. To escape the damage of LOVE you must ask and answer questions.

The 10 Characteristics Of True Love

1. Love Is Patient And Kind
2. Love Is Not Jealous
3. Love Is Not Proud
4. Love Is Not Selfish
5. Love Does Not Keep Record Of Wrongs
6. Love Doesn’t Get Involve In Evil
7. Love Is Ever Happy.
8. Love Never Gives Up.
9. Love Does Not Have Expiring Date
10.Love Is Perfect And Excellent In All Things

Therefore, gifts is not love, but expression of love. Gifts expires but love does not. You might get a wrong gift but you cannot give a wrong love, because true love is not wrong. Love Is Love no matter the situation and circumstances. Gift can never take the place of love.

The Law Of Giving States That “What You Don’t Have You Can’t Give, And You Can’t Hide What You Have”.

The only source of love is God through Christ. The only mission of Jesus Christ on earth is to express God’s Love to mankind. “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life” John3:16 MSG

The Three Secrets Of Life Are Faith, Hope And Love

The Definitions

Faith: Your Capacity To Believe In The Future, Having Done The Needful Today. That is, Trust Steadily In God.

Hope: Your Tenacity On The Promise Of The Future. In Other Words, the Level Of Your Trust In The Word Of The Owner Of The Future. That is, Trust God Unswervingly.

Love: Your Unbroken Relationship With The Unseen That Owns The Future. Unleash Your Person On God. The Unbroken Zeal For God. The Greatest Of The Three Is Love.

The Two Secret Questions Of Life

Are You Still In Love? If Yes, Are You Ready To Die?

The Only Person That Loves You Dearly, That Has Died For You Is Jesus Christ. Come To Him Today, Tomorrow Might Be Too Late.

Happy Love Month

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun