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God Has Made The Way

Vitamins of The Mind 33-TheSecret101

There is No Closed Door, Every Closed Door Has An Handle, Once You Can Handle The Handle The Door Will Surely Open. God Has Made The Way

It Looks Like It, But It’s Not It. You Are Not meant For The Valley, Your Place Is the Top Most Top, And You Are On Your Way There. God Has Made The Way

Never You Believe The Report Of People, Just Believe The Report Of The Lord. God Has Made The Way

God Does Not Know How To Lie, Whatever He Promised You He Has The Capacity To Delivery. God Has Made The Way

God Is Too Faithful To Fail, He Is Too Rich To Make You Poor, He Created Us Male And Female You Can’t Remain Single. God Has Made The Way

You Are Too Loaded To Be Granded, Too Loaded To Be Molested. You Not At Your Destination, But Your Bus Stop. God Has Made The Way

Every Lock Has It Own Key. Every Problem Has It Solution, So God Rebrand Your Life. God Has Made A Way

The Harder It Is, The More Easier It Going To Be. You Are An Answer Not Question. You Cannot Be A Concern, You Are A Creator. God Has Made A Way.

If You Are Down To Nothing God Is Up To Give You Everything. So Don’t Settle For Less. God Has Made A Way.

It Is Not God Will Make A Way It Is God Has Made The Way. Be Of Good Cheer Jesus Has Overcome The World.

Good Morning,

The Secret101
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