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The Secret101/Life/Time Management (9)

Tuesday is a Life Management Day. Welcome to the home of secret. I started last week with 3 Time wasters of Time waster. The best money anybody can give you is Time. They are no born giant, it is time … Continue reading

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The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (9)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. Welcome to the secret place of God where every mystery is make known to the people that put their heart to Work. Life is not just in What you know, nor the action … Continue reading

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The Secret101/THANKSGIVING (8)

Sunday is THANKSGIVING Day. This is the day that God has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. You are welcome to this fantastic day. Each Sunday is another day to receive from if you can please Him. … Continue reading

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The Secret 101/LOVE (8)

The Secret 101/LOVE (8) Friday is a Day of LOVE. Welcome to this great day of joy. Let us exploit the secret in Love again, remember love is all about helping others. Let me start with this, story of mine. … Continue reading

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The Secret101/Self Development (8)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. Life is good, and every day secret lift you up. Today secret is about Learning and Experience. Before I proceed I will like to announce that if you are not learning and growing everyday … Continue reading

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The Secret101/Spirituality (8)

Wednesday is a Spirituality day. Every distance cause breakout, so keep close. Welcome to this wonders day, it is another great time with God. Anything can happen at any time, you can neither stop it or nor control all you … Continue reading

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