Vitamins of The Mind 47-TheSecret101——Dreams Attract Opposition

Dreams Attract Opposition

Life Is Dream, Dream Is Life. Good Life Attract Opponents, So Good Dream Attract Opposition. Dreams Attract Opposition

Dream Changes Your Realm, Realm Lifts You And When You Are Up, You Are There. But Next Level Equals Next Devil. Dreams Attract Opposition

You Have To See Differently, Before You Live Wisely And Get What Belongs To You. However, Remember That You Draw Attention By Your Result, And Your Result Attracts Opposition. Dreams Attract Opposition.

Life Is A Product Of What You Contain, Conserve, and Concur. So Your Dream Is Real, Fight For It, You Are On Way To Reality. Dreams Attract Opposition.

When You Dream Possibilities, You Will Choke Opposition, If You Don’t, You Will Free Them. So Dream It and You Will Get It But Know, Dream Attract Opposition.

Life Is Not A Funfair, But Warfare, You Are In Charge If You Live Life With Purpose And Dream The Dream, You Will Surely Prevail. Dream Attract Opposition.

Your Dream Makes You Take Up The Head Of Your Goliath, Lead In The Midst Of Your Enemies, You Will Finally Wear Your Crown Of Glory. However, Remember Every Good Dream Attracts Opposition Do not Expect Less.

The Secret101
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