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Vitamins of The Mind 14-TheSecret101…Turn To Him

Turn TO HIm
Turn To Him

When every thing is not working, and your demands are not supply Turn To Him

When life is holding back all of your desired Turn To Him

When there is no food on your table Turn To Him

When you are weak in spirit, soul and body Turn To Him

When your bank account is reading negative Turn To Him

When you know so much but you are getting next to nothing in returns Turn To Him

When life tell you that there is not more for you Turn To Him

When Men say there no more help for you Turn To Him

When you have Judge yourself, and you are sure there is nothing good for you Turn To Him

You need to turn to Him, He designed every situation to work for you so turn to Him.

He is the only and final solution to every challenge of your life so Turn To Him

Only the person that is capable of receiving you that is capable of helping You Run to Jesus

The Secret101
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