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The Definition: The Poor, Rich, Wealthy And Flurish



If You Know What To Do And Refuse Responsibility. You Have Successful Enroll Into The School Of Failure, In The Department Of Poverty And You Will Soon Graduate As A Pauper, With Certificate In Foolishness

A Fool Is Rich In Resources But Poor In The Utilization. He Know What He Needs To Do But He Will Never Do It. Anybody That Desire To Leaves His Work Undone But Contributing To Others Is A Fool.

There Is No Future For A Simple Person. You Are Either Wise To Take Responsibility Or You Are Fool Without Action. There Is Always An End Result You Will Become What You Do And Don’t Do.

If You Can’t Do Something Right When No One Is With You. You Might Never Do Anything Right When People Are With You, Because You Are You All The Time.

The Definitions

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. The Person With The Ability Of Laziness Of Purpose. Also The Person With The Capacity Not To Change. Satisfying Today In Detriment Of Tomorrow.

You Can’t Confess Not To Be Poor, You Need To Take Responsibility Not To Be.

Resourceful Intelligent Curious Hardwork

The Person With Full Ability, Capacity And Capability To Take Responsibility To Know, Work, And Learn New Things Everyday That Matter To His Vision And Purpose.

He Knows The Reason For Living, And Always Running With All Of His Inner Strength  To Provoke The Result He Wants To See


The Person That Took A Step Further, To Discover What His Teacher And Colleagues Don’t Know About Life, Economy And Other Secret Things That Elevate In The School Of Exploit. Simply Anybody That Makes Others Lazy About Life While His Is Busy Working.

If You Can Make People’s Life Depend On Your Result For Living, You Have Successful Sign Up In This School Of Giants.


The Person That Work Harder To See Other Become Wealthy Or Rich. Simply The Person That Create The Network Of Great Leaders.

Where Are You And Where Will Like To Be?

… Be Inspired, Live Abundance Life, And Help Others

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun

Vitamins of The Mind 70-TheSecret101… Wrestle To Rescue




Wrestle To Rescue

Life Is All About Fight, It Is Naive Not To Know Or Believe. You Need To Stand Up And Take Your Place If You Don’t Want To Be Shear Like A Paper. Wrestle To Rescue

You Started The Fight Since You Were In Your Mother’s Belly. That Was Why She Needed To See Medical Doctor Frequently Before You Were Finally Released To This World. Wrestle To Rescue

It Takes Fight To Succeed Within Your Peer And Sibling While You Were Growing Ask Joseph When You See Him They Were Not Please With The Kind Of Privilege You Are Entitled To. Wrestle To Rescue

There Came A Time That You Need To Start Taking Responsibility: In High School, College, University. You Were Introduced To What You Don’t Need With What You Will Need. But You Fought To Know, And Pass Through Those Stages Of Life That Was Fight. Wrestle To Rescue

To Apply For Job Is A Fight Because There Are Many Candidates That Is Longing For The Same Very Post. Some Even Go Their Ways To Do What You Won’t Do. Life Is A Warfare Not A Funfair. If You Think You Will Get It Just Like That You Will Beg Just Like. You Must Fight To Win. Wrestle To Rescue

To Enjoy Your Desire Future, Something Has To Take From You: Wife, Children, Parents And Others Dependants, Including Government. If You Don’t Do It, They Think Otherwise. Responsibility Is The Recipe For Success. It’s A Fight, That You Must Fight. Wrestle To Rescue

To Retain Your Vision, Maintain Your Place And Live After Your Death. You Need To Fight Yourself To Make Use Of The Best Time Of Your Life. Remember Fight The Good Fight Of Fight. Because Nothing Will Give You Space, You Need To Create The Space You Want To See. Wrestle To Rescue

There Is Another Great Fight After You Have Won The Fight To Go Up; You Need To Fight Another Fight To Stay Up. The Greatest Defeat Is To Go Up And Come Down. Wrestle To Rescue

Those That Don’t Prepare For The Second Fight Never Last At The Top And Never Go Up Again Because Their Former Place Has Been Occupy. Wrestle To Rescue

This Is One Of Secret Of Life. Every Next Level Attract Next Devil. But The Good news Is That Every Place Which The Sole Of Your Foot Shall Tread God Has Given It To You. Wrestle To Rescue

If You Are Not Ready To Fight You Will End Up As A Prey For Your Opposition. Take Up Your Responsibility And Transfer The Battle To God. Don’t Get Ready Live Ready. The Next Fight Will Not Give You Notice. Wrestle To Rescue

The Secret101
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Are You Still Holding On?


If You Live A Motionless Life, You Are On Your Way To The Grave.
The Only Place Where Things Don’t Happen Is The Grave.
The Place That People Regret Their Action They Never Take
The Person They Never Met,
The Book They Never Read
The Book They Never Write
The Vision They Never Run With
The Business Idea They Never Follow Up
The Action They Never Take
The Choice They Never Make

What Stops You Is Not A Good Answer To What You Should Do, The Action You Should Take NOW Is The Best Answer To What You Should Do.

Today Is The One twelfth (1/12)Of The Year 2013. Is 2013 Still What You Want It To Be? Those Who Won A Race Wins Before The Race Begun, And Those That Lose, Lost Before The Race Starts.

Whatever That Don’t Contribute To Your Future Does not Need Your Time. Any Of Your Investment That Is Not Channel Towards Your Future Is Not Worth Investing. Life Is A Choice But the Wise Will Choose Right.

Reflect On All Of Your Actions, Are Your Goals Still Alive. Do You Have A Goal At All? Anytime You Are Tire Is The Best Time To Refire, Rehire New Strategies, And God Will Rewire You For Your Destination. If You Don’t Want To Receive Your Retire Letter Start Now.

Be Inspired, Live Abundance Life and Help Others.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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