Vitamins of The Mind 71-TheSecret101…Arrangement Create More Space

SpaceArrangement Create More Space

If You Can Restructure Your Life You Can Restructure Your Destiny, And Create Greater Future And More Opportunity For Your Self. Arrangement Create More Space

If You Can Think Through What You Have To Work With Is Enough And Available. You Can Access What You Don’t Qualify For On The Platform Of Arrangement. Arrangement Create More Space

You Need To Clear What You Don’t Need, Create Rooms For What You Need And Going To Need And Get Ready For The Next. Arrangement Create More Space

If You Keep Thinking You Will Keep Moving, And Movement Is An Indication That You Can Do Better, Go Further And Stay Higher. Arrangement Create More Space

Lack Of Result Is An Indication Of Lack Of Space. Result Is The Expansion From One Place To Another, That Is From One Room Another. Arrangement Create More Space

Disarrangement Take More Space Than Arrangement. Therefore, You Are where You Are Because You Want To Be There, If You Need Change Create Space By Rearrange Your Life. Arrangement Create More Space

The Level Of Your Preparation Will Determine The Level Of Your Usefulness. If You Are Not Ready To Occupy The Unused Space You Will Soon Lose Your Present Space. Arrangement Create More Space

Only Those Who See Down The Line Will Get Across The Board. Self-Limitations Is The Products Of Unoccupied Space. Rearrange Your Time, Money And Relationship, If You Don’t Want To End Among The Disarray. Arrangement Create More Space

Don’t Wait Too Long, Don’t Stay Too Long, If You Don’t Want To Get Along And Lose Your Place. What You Do Now Is Waiting For You In The Future. Today Is Yesterday’s Future, And Tomorrow Will Be A Product Of Today. Arrangement Create More Space

What You Are Looking For Is Inside What You Are Not Looking For. Creation Starts From Arrangement, Arrange Your Life To Live The Life That You Want To Live. Arrangement Create More Space
The Secret101
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