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Vitamins of The Mind 91-TheSecret101…Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished John 19V30

It Is FinishedYour Struggle Is Over, Your Lack As Come To An End, Your Destiny Has Been Redefine, Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

Sickness Cannot Find Space To Hide In Your Body Again, You Are Living Above The Platform Of Life and You Are Out Of This Realm Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

You are A King You Can’t Afford To Be A Dwarf, You Are Extremely Wealthy You Can’t Afford To Be Pauper Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

Once You Give Your Life To Christ You Are Entitle To Everything Good On earth And In Heaven The Reason Been Everything Has Been Given To Christ, Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

The Earth Spherical So It Moves In Such A Way That You Might Not Know That Is A Change Each Day, So As Long As You Can See Each Day And Night Come And Gone Know That It Will Get To Your Turn In Life Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

Pain, Agony, Borrowing, Setback And Stagnation That Trying To Stop Your Life Are Finished Because Jesus Has Paid For Them That Was Why He Said It Is Finished

Everything May Look As If Nothing Is Happening, But I Want To Announce To You Today Everything That You May Desire Is In Factory And Is Getting Ready For Your Use Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

Jesus Died To Disarm Devil Of All This Power And To Put You In Place That You Belong As A King Or A Priest So You Can Reign On This Earth. You Are In Charge Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

The Breath Inside Of You Is The Strong Evidence Of Your Sure Tomorrow. The Breath Is Christ In You The Hope Of Glory. The Breath Is The Life Of God That Still Keep A Place For Your Future. Once There Is Life There Is Hope, Because Jesus Has Paid For All That Why He Said It’s Finished

It’s Finished Is Restoration Of Your Dignity, It Is The Second Chance That God Gives You To Live As He Has Designed Your Life Before, Now And Forever. So Anytime Devil Reminded You Of Your Wrong, Mistake And Formal Life, You Just Go Ahead And Remind Him Of The Price That Jesus Paid.

The Secret101
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Vitamins of The Mind 90-TheSecret101…It’s Just The Matter Of Time

TimeTime Is The Spiritual Force That Bridge Here And There. The Only Way To Make Time Work For You Is To Trust In The Manufacturer And Don’t Waste It.

God Is Not A God Of Consultation But A God Of Manifestation Through His Predestination.  God Is Not A Man That He Should Lie Nor Son Of Man That He Should Repeat Before He Said It He Has Done It Watch out  It Just The Matter Of Time.

Those That Thought You Are Begging Are Coming To Borrow From You Soon It Just The Matter Of Time

You Are Going To Ride On Your Car To Those Places That You Usually Trek It Just The Matter Of Time

You Will Not Be Thinking Where To Get The Money Again All You Will Soon Be Thinking Is How To Spend The Money It Just The Matter Of Time

You Will Not Think Of How Much You Can Earn Again You Will Soon Be Thinking Of The Profit Your Company Has Made It Just The Matter Of Time

You Will Soon Be In Charge Of Things, Things Will Not Be In Charge Of You It Just The Matter Of Time

There Is A Hereafter, And Your Hope Shall Not Be Cutoff. Your Future Is Near Than You Think It Just The Matter Of Time

Your Family Will Become The Envy Of Others It Just The Matter Of Time

Once You Can Keep Your Vision, Give It All Your Best To Keep Your Focus And Don’t Stop Committing God, Your Vision Shall Speak One day It Just The Matter Of Time.

You Are Going To Employ People That Refuse To Employ You It Just The Matter Of Time.

God Created Man, Man Created Time To Time The God That Created Him, Remember God’s Time Is Not Man’s Time, But Those Who Wait On God Shall Be Strong, Not Weary And Faint It Just The Matter Of Time.

The Secret101
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My Note To The Married And Those That Are Desiring Marriage

wedding Rings

Who you are is in your character and every good character must be build on the platform of experience and knowledge acquisition. In the area of marriage Life During Courtship Is the Preliminary Stage Of Marriage While Life After Marriage Ceremony Is The Real Marriage. Below are the 26 Secrets to know if you are about to sign up for or you are already in marriage.

1. Knowing/Learning: Introduction Of The Real Self And Responsibility of Each Party To Change
2. Growing And Bonding: Despite The Flaws, Both Parties Still Love And Ready To Adjust To New ways Of Life
3. Living/Result: Enjoyment And Real Love Display Having Learned New Things And Growing At The Same Time

Ten Things To Expect In First STAGE OF MARRIAGE
1. Is The Stage At Which You Will See What You Don’t Know That You Once Think You Know
2. Is The Stage At Which You Will Know The Real Person You Marry
3. Is The Stage At Which You Will Know If You Are A Baby Or Adult
4. Is The Stage At Which You Don’t Have Anybody To Run To Except The Person That Wrong You
5. Is The Stage At Which You Will Make A Decision To Either Make It Worst Or Make It Work
6. Is The Stage At Which You Either Forgive Or You Try Another Marriage That Will Never Work
7. Is The Stage At Which You Will Wish To Still Remain Single, But Is Too Late
8. Is The Stage At Which All Of Your Assumption Will Either Be Manifestation Or Frustration
9. Is The Stage At Which You Will Be Thinking What Makes You Choose Your Spouse Among Others
10. Is The Stage At Which You Either Follow Your Heart And Lose Your Marriage Or You Follow God’s Instructions And Keep Your Marriage

1. Ladies Start What They Can’t Finish, It Is Men Responsibility To Love Them Regardless Of Their Flaws
2. Improper And Lack Of Maximizing Singleness Will Largely Affect Marriage Negatively
3. It Is Better To Wait For God To Choose For You Than You Rush And Choose For Yourself Because You Will Automatically Rush Out
4. Every Marriage Must Be Tend And Keep, If You Don’t It Will Grow Thorns And Thistles For You
5. Marriage Is The Only Institution That You Will Receive Certificate On The Day Of Admission
6. You Either Make Your Marriage Work Or It Will Make Your Life Go Worst
7. It Is Better To Be Single And Learn Than To Be Married And Regret.
8. You Can’t Rethink After Your Oath And Signature
9. Husband As The Head And The Leader, Wife As The Neck And Follower
10. Everything That Start Must Finish With Both Parties, Introduction Of Third Party Is Forbidden

1. Marriage Is Your Launching Pad To The World Of Answered Prayer
2. Marriage Is The Platform In Life To Produce 10,000 Against Your Normal 1000
3. Marriage Is One Of Devil’s Strategies To Make People To Get Low Or No Result

To Your Success In This Month Of Exploit.

…Be Inspired, Help Others And Live Abundance Life

Rotimi Adedokun

The Secret Man

My Note To The Simple

Foolishness Will Make Someone To Buy A Ticket That Worth $30 To Watch Some Funny Guys That Will Make Him Laugh For Just 2hours And Lack Of Wisdom Will Make The Same Person Not To Afford A Book That Can Change His Life For Just $10.

The Big Question, Where Is The Future Without Knowledge?

My People Perish For Lack Of Knowledge Hosea 4:6. Knowledge Is Everywhere But You Must Buy Into It.

Where Are You Going To Spend Your Next Holiday?

With Some Friends In Club
With Some Friends In Cinemas
With Some Friends At Beach
With Some Friends To Watch Some Funny Guys In Town

Do You Know Nothing Is Free, Everything Has To Be Pay For?

How Long Will You Watch People Leverage On Your Time And Resources To Make Fortune?
How Long Will You Allow People To You Use To Make Names For Themselves?
How Long Will You All People to Live Their Lives At Your Own Expense?

Life Nuggets

Nothing Will Change If Nothing Change: If You Change Things Will Change
Your Life Will Never Get Better Until You Get Better
Your Vision Will Never Be Clear Until You Study
Your Life Will Never Make Meaning Until Your Add Value
There Can’t Be Value Without Hard Work, Smart Work, Discipline, And Sacrifice
You Can Never Know Where You Are Going Until You Start To Know About Your Purpose
Choose To Know And You Will Be Known
Focus On Your Focus And You Will Become The Focus
Live Your Life Alone People Will Hang Around You
Say Yes To Life And Future Will Serve You

Great People Don’t Just Spend Money They Also Generate The Money By Trading Their Products.

Big Question: Where Is Your Product?

So Sit Down Think Of An Idea Or Pray To God To Deliver Your Own Vision, Turn It To A Product, Run With It, Make It Available And People Will Pay YOU.

To Your Success

…Be Inspired, Help Others And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun

Vitamins of The Mind 89-TheSecret101…He That Has An Ear Let Him Hear

God Said So
Darkness Is Not Allow In Your Life, Family And In All That Are Concerns You Because God Said Let There Be Light And There Was Light. Gen1:3

You Can Be In The Midst Of The Trouble And Problem, But The Only Thing That Is Allow To Happen To Your Life Is To Overcome As The Firmament Did In The Midst Of Waters And Survive Because God Said Gen1:6

You Might Have Being Working Without Result, Laboring Without Profit But As The Water Under Heaven Gather Together And The Dry Land Appear So Shall Your Head Be lifted Up Because God Said So Gen1:9

As Nothing Stop The Earth From Bringing Forth Fruits So Nobody Will Stop You In Producing Spirit, Soul And Body Because God Said So Gen1:11

Confusion Cannot Find Space In Your Life Only Clarity Is Allow Because God Said So Gen1:14

Lack, Want And Begging Are Not Allow, Only Abundance, Peace And Joy Unspeakable That Is Full Of God’s Glory Are Allow In Your Life Because God Said So Gen1:20

You Will Not Labor In Vain Anymore, Only Growth And Increase From The Works Of Your Hands Are Allow Because God Said So Gen1:24

You Will Not Labor For Others To Eat, Your Own Child Will Come To Your Light, And Jesus Will Be Your Savior Throughout The Generation Because God Said So Gen1:26

You Cannot Be Curse, Everything And All Things About You Are Supernaturally Blessed By God To Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill The Earth , Subdue It And Have Dominion Because God Said So. Gen1:28

If Everybody Is Hungry You Are Exempted, If People Don’t Have What To Eat Again You Can’t Be Involve. God Gave You Food Before You Were Born Because God Said So Gen1:29

Therefore, Whatever God Said, God Saw That It Was Good, And It Was Very Good Will Forever Prevail Whatever That Is Happening Because God Said So Gen 1:31. Selah!!!

The Secret101
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Vitamins of The Mind 88-TheSecret101…You Are Responsible

If You Succeed Or Not You Are To Be Blame. You Have All That It Takes To Be, Do And Have Whatever That You Desire In Life. You Can Make It Work If You Take Responsibility, So You Are Responsible

If You Don’t Have The Good Grade In Your Classes, There Is Nobody To Be Blame. You Have The Intellectual Capacity To Get Your Best Out Of The Best Because You Are Responsible

If Your Business Is Not Working, If Your Vision Is Not Speaking, You are To Be Blame. You Are In Charge Of The Car Of Your Life, To Drive It At The Speed That You Like And To Where You Like. So Your Speed Of Accomplishment Is Not Determine By The Universe But You. You Are Responsible

When Your Bank Balance Is Showing Negative And You Have A lot Of Debt To Finance. The Account Is On your Name And All Of Those Debt Are Attracted By You, So Go All Out, Take Responsibility To Change Negative To Positive. You Brought Yourself To This Present Stage;Therefore Get Yourself Outside Of It. You Are Responsible

You Are Giving A Notice To Quit The Apartment That You Occupy, You Are About To Lose Your Car And Your Boss Is Threatening Sack. Everything That Happen To You Happens Because You Want it, If You Don’t Really Like What Is Happening To You,  Change It Because You Are Responsible

If Everything Cease To Work Anymore, Life Is Not Worth Living Again, And All Hopes Is Lost. If You Want A New Life Begin To See It And You Will Soon Begin To Live Because You Are Responsible

Everybody Around You Are Enjoying Themselves, But Live Is Not Fair With You. Because Nothing Is Designed To Work Everything Is Designed To Be Work, So Take Responsible Because You Are Responsible

You Don’t Have Hope In Yourself Again, Your Dreams And Glorious Future Are Not Visible Anymore, Know That What You Believe Is What You Will Become So Change Your Believe About Life Because You Are Responsible

Your Children Are Living Outside Your Plan, They Are Not Doing Well In Their Education Because You Are Too Busy To Look After Your Family. To See Change You Must Do Something Different Because You Are Responsible

When Nobody Want To Accept You And All Hell Turn Against You, Know That If You Are Not For God You Are Automatically For The Devil So Turn Your Back To This World If You Want God’s Support Nobody Will Do It For You Because You Are Responsible

You Are Responsible Because Life Is A Choice. You Are Responsible For All Of Your Situation. If You Are Truly Drain Get Up And Create The Change You Want To See For Everything And In All thing You Are Responsible

You Are Responsible To Either Make Your Life Happen Or Watch Your Life Go Worst. Promotion In Life Is Not Just By Living But Essentially By Working It. You Are Responsible

The Secret101
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Le vitamine Saggezza 2 … della mente 87-TheSecret101

La saggezza non è la tua forza, ma in seguito Istruzione Poi Soar come un’aquila.

Qualunque sia la vostra potenza Richiedi sappia che non avere la saggezza per intraprendere il compito, e tutto ciò che richiede il vostro Sapienza Knows Non avete bisogno di potenza per eseguire l’attività

La saggezza non è in parole perché chiunque può dire qualsiasi cosa, ma la vera saggezza è in azione orientato al risultato

La saggezza non è nelle cose materiali che possedete, ma dalla forza immateriali che producono i beni materiali che il vostro mondo può vedere, sentire e toccare

La saggezza non è nella tua lotta, ma nella gioia della pace, e abbondanza che è tutto intorno a te

La saggezza non è nel vostro stato presente, ma la capacità di mantenere, sostenere e mantenere il segreto che avete trovato in tutte le situazioni.

La saggezza non è nel mutuo che si paga mensile, ma in Appartamento Presente di lasciare senza paura o pressione del debito

La saggezza non è nella sua ultima marca di auto che hai comprato con tutto il vostro risparmio, o nel vostro pagamento mensile per l’auto, ma nella capacità di guidare la vostra auto presente senza debito

La saggezza non si trova nella vita stravagante che si sta vivendo, ma in grado di tagliare il cappotto in base alle dimensioni e Ready For The Living Tomorrow che gli altri non possono vedere o paura di

La saggezza non è nel mangiare la tua stirpe e Frutta In The Time carestia come questo, ma in semina il tuo seme e la condivisione di frutta con gli altri.

Il Secret101
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The Wisdom 2…Vitamins of The Mind 87-TheSecret101

Wisdom Is Not Your Strength But In Following Instruction That Makes You Soar Like An Eagle.

Whatever Require Your Power Knows You Don’t Have Wisdom To Undertake The Task, And Whatever Require Your Wisdom Knows You Don’t Need Power To Execute The Task

Wisdom Is Not In Words Because Anybody Can Say Anything But Real Wisdom Is In Result Oriented Action

Wisdom Is Not In The Tangible Things That You Possess, But In The Intangible Force That Produce The Tangible That Your World Can See, Feel And Touch

Wisdom Is Not In Your Struggle, But In The Peace, Joy And Abundance That Is All Around You

Wisdom Is Not In Your Present Status, But In The Ability To Maintain, Sustain And Retain The Secret That You Found In All Situation.

Wisdom Is Not In The Mortgage That You Are Paying Monthly, But In Present Apartment That You Leave Without Fear Or Pressure Of Debt

Wisdom Is Not In The Latest Brand Of Car That You Bought With All Of Your Saving, Or In Your Monthly Payment For The Car But In Ability To Drive Your Present Car Without Debt

Wisdom Is Not In The Extravagant Life That You Are Living, But In Ability To Cut You Coat According To Your Size And Living Ready For The Tomorrow That Others Can’t See Or Afraid Of

Wisdom Is Not In Eating Your Seed And Fruit In The Famine Time Like This, But In Sowing Your Seed And Sharing Your Fruit With Others.

The Secret101
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Vitamins of The Mind 86-TheSecret101 WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET)


I Can See A Time When People Will Be Willing, And Ready To Hear The Good News Of Jesus From Me

I Can See A Time When I Will Not Just Provide For My Family But Through Me The Family Of The Earth Shall Be Bless

I Can See A Time When I Will Be Traveling Round The World Carrying The Gospel Of Jesus To The World

I Can See A Time When What Happen In West Africa, Nigeria, Ogun State, Ota By The Help Of God Through The Hand Of My Spiritual Father (Bishop David Oyedepo) Will Repeating Itself In My Life

I Can See A Time When All Of My Dreams Will Come To Pass And People Will Not Just Support The Vision, They Will Also Run With It

I Can See A Time When I Will Be Part Of Key People That Will Change The Face Of My Home Country

I Can See A Time When My Vision To Provide Accommodation For Newly Couple Around The Whole World Will Not Just Come To Pass But Will Stay Forever Till The End Of The Earth

I Can See A Time When I Will Have Over One Million Employees In My Network

I Can See A Time When I Will Be The Joseph In This Land And A Solution To This Present Situation

I Can See A Time When I Will Dig My Well Till I Get To My Rehoboth And All Of My Enemies Will Turn Away From Me

I Can See A Time When I Will Not Just Learn What I Know But Be A Good Examples To All That I Have Found

I Can See A Time When God Will Empower Me To Release All He Has Endowed Me With And All The Family Of This Earth Shall Call Me Blessed

What Is Too Much For You To See Is Too Much For God To Do. If You Can See It God Will Do It

The Secret101
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The WORRY…Vitamins of The Mind 85-TheSecret101


Worry Is An Indication Of Inadequate Or Lack Of Knowledge At Work In You, It Shows Your Status In The School Of Life

Worry Shows The Littleness Of Every Disguise Giant In YOU, You Are Not Who You Say You Are, You Are Who You Are When You Are Face With Fear

Worry Is The Absent Of Wisdom, It Reveal The Secret Of Any One And Expose The Childishness Of An Adult

Worry Point To Your Powerlessness, And Makes You Bow Your Head Among Your Equals

Worry Is Withdrawing Your Situation From God, And Asking Satan To Take Charge

Worry Is Incapability Of One’s Ability To Think Through Solution. So How Fast You Can Count Your Blessing And See What God Has Done And What He His Doing And What Is Going To Do Will Send Any Devil Away.

Worry Is Subscribing To The School Of Fools, And Believing In The Temporary Solution Of Devil While You Live A Fake Life

Worry Cast One’s Head Down, It Create No Answer But Steals Your Joy, Peace, And Keep You Busy Doing Nothing

Worry Is Creating Barricade For Self, Places Limitation Around Self And Belittle One’s Vision

Worry Is Seeing The Power In Your Opposition While Forgetting The Power That Is Inside You

Worry Is Simply You Embracing Satan To Be In Charge Of Your Life And Discharging God Out Of Your Life.

Worry Is Satan In Charge, Displaying His Trick While Dictating For You

Therefore, The Cure For Worry Is Building Your Confidence In Jesus, And Pray Without Ceasing.

The Secret101
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