Vitamins of The Mind 75-TheSecret101…Go For Light


Light Will Surely Create Room And Make The Impossible To Be Possible Anytime, Anywhere, And Anyhow So Go For Light.

You Are Challenge For The Absent Of Light. Once You Locate Your Light Darkness Will Disappear. Go For Light

The More Darkness The More The Light. Just Give Your Best To Get The Light, Automatically Be In Control Of Situation. Go For Light

Light Will Create Space For You At The Top And Set You Above Your Peer, Why? He Who Has The Light Gives Command. Light Is Always Brighter From The Top, And Is The Cure For Darkness. Go For Light

Light Illuminate And Stop Any Darkness For Coming Around You. It Makes You Walk Freely And Leaves You Neither Struggle, Nor Stumble, But It’s Gives Direction. Go For Light

Light Gives Guardian, Indication And Direction. So You Can Only Get Out Of Confusion And Frustration Of This World By Light. Go For Light

You Can Be Very Rich And Still Be A Pauper On The Inside, If You Don’t Know The Secret Of Building Inner Strength For Wealth. Deception Is The Currency Of Darkness, While Truth Is The Currency Of Light. Go For Light

As Fear Attract Darkness, And Ignorance Invite Deep Darkness, So Is Confidence And Knowledge Breeds Light That Shatter Darkness At Any Level. Go For Light

If You Are Finding It Hard To Believe, Is Because You Are Finding It Hard To Get Out Of Your Darkness. Good Future Is A Product Of Great Light. Go For Light

The Level Of Light That You Are Working With Will Determine The Speed That You Will Enjoy. Work For Light, Walk With Light And Stay In Light And Go For Light.

The Secret Man

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
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Twitter: @adedokunr


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