Vitamins of The Mind 77-TheSecret101…Just One Goal

goalEverything Has A Way To Get Your Attention, But You Have To Be In Charge By Knowing What You Want, How You Want It And With Whom You Want It. Just One Goal

Every Side Attractions Are Distractions. Keep Your Focus And Keep Your Head Up Just One Target Of You Can Make The Difference That You Want To See. Just One Goal

Going For Everything Will Make You Lose Everything, But Going For One Thing Will Make You Get Everything. Just One Goal

Inside One Thing Is Everything, Inside Everything Is Nothing. So Following One Will Guarantee Your All, Good Life, Health, Family. Just One Goal

Jack Of All Trade Master Of None, Focusing On Just One Thing Will Makes You An Attraction To Any Other Thing You Can Desire In Life. Just One Goal

What You Are Known For Is What God Will Pay For. What People Mock You For Will Be What God Will Make You With. Just One Goal

You Are The One Person That Needs To Bring The Change To This Your World, Take The World To The Height That God Want It To Be. Just One Goal

You Needs To Make, Do, Act, Think, Work, Speak The Difference By Just One Thing, You Have The Inner Power To Make Difference. Just One Goal

Inside Of You Is The Power To Be What You Want To Be, Do What You Want To Do, And Have What You Want Have, But All These Are Power By Just One Goal

If Your Relationship Is Not Working, If Your Finances Is Not Good, You Have The Power To Make It Work And Change Your Credit Score By Just One Goal

Nobody Want To Give You Chance, Nobody Believe in You, You Life Seem Stand Still All You Need Is Just One Goal

The Secret101
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