Vitamins of The Mind 78-TheSecret101…Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game


Leaders Are Make There Are Not Born Leader, Anybody That Tells You Something Contrary Is Only Lying To You. The Story Of Every Great Leader Is In Their Stories, And All Of Their Stories Are Endurance Base, Only Those That Can Hold On Will Be Make. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

People Don’t Celebrate The Challenges That You Face They Only Celebrate Your Victory. What You Are Facing Should Not Stop You, Let What You Want To Achieve Be Your Driving Force. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

Only Those That Can Wait To The End Will Not Get The Prize. It’s Good That You Start Just Like Every Other Person, It’s Good That You Continue Just Like Every Other Person, But You Can’t Afford To Stop Just Like Any Other Person If You Want To Win. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

Whatever You Are Looking For Is Waiting For You. The Car You Want To Drive Is Waiting For You In The Garage Of The Dealer, The Architect Is Want To Design And Build Your Dream House, But Until You Do What You Need To Do You Can’t Get What Belongs To You Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

Life Is Real You Need To Face It, Life Is Ready You Need To Get Set, Life Is Waiting You Need To Get On The Move, Only Those That Do What Other Won’t Do Are Qualify To Get What Other Will Not Get. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

What Differentiate 101 From 100 Is Just 1. 1 Is The Major Factor That Place You Where You Are And Other Where They Are. If You Want To Live Your Life, Get Up There Pursue After The 1 Factor, It Is Called Endurance. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

You Can Do More Than What You Are Doing, You Can Get More Than What You Have, You Can Reach More People And Be A Blessing To All The Nation Of The Blessing. If You Can Just Try Again, You Will Expand Your Territory and Enlarge Your Coast. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

There Is Potential Of Greatness Available To Everybody, Greatness Is In All But Greatness Is Not For All, Greatness Is For People That Can Take More Steps, Dream More Dream, Make More Moves And Do Keep Their Heads Up In All Situation. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

What Separate The Leader From The Follower Is The Level Of Knowledge That Is Available To Them. Real Knowledge Is Not On The Surface, You Have To Go Deep Down, Far Below The Surface, Because What’s Available To All Can Not Make You Lead Others, Only What Is Hidden That You Can Discover Will. Endurance Is The Rule Of The Game

The Secret101
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