Vitamins of The Mind 79-TheSecret101…What Love Can Do

MeLove Is The Most Potent Force That Can Turn And Move Anybody, Anything Around At Anytime. What Love Can Do

Love Can Change Everything, Do Everything And Create All thing. What Love Can Do

Love Created This Seen World, With His Power, He Reform Our Undesirable World To What It is Today, He Also Turn This World Around To The Place That We All Want To Live. What Love Can Do

Love Make Everything Works, It Nullify Every Impossible, It Create Platform For All And Make Everything Great. Love Can Do All Things

When Love Is Not Available Everything Will Become Chaotic. When Love Is Incomplete Everything Become Almost Impossible. What Love Can Do

The Only Language That Don’t Need Interpretation For Others To Understand Is Love. It Makes Everyone Smiles, it Makes Everything Good, And Create A Perfect World. What Love Can Do

Real Love Will Blind Your Eye To The Wrong Of Others, Set You Up To Help Without Expecting Return. What Love Can Do

Love Create Space And Room For Everyone To Start up Their Lives. Love Don’t Seek Self But Believe This World Can Be A Good Place For All To Inhabit. What Love Can Do

You Can Drive The Best Car, Live In The Best House, Run The Greatest Vision But Without Vision You Are Nothing. What Love Can Do

Love Is The Foundation Of Everything That Works. When You Give Without Love, Giving Is In Vain, Love Gives Peace And Makes This World A Colorful Place To Be. Love Can Do All That You Want It To Do

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
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Twitter: @adedokunr

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