MY ECCLESIASTES…Vitamins of The Mind 82-TheSecret101

I Thought I Had Known What I Learnt Until I Discovered Knowing Is Different From Learning

I Thought I Don’t Need What I Have Anymore, Until I Can’t Find It Again. Then I Know You Will Need What You Don’t Need Someday And Nothing Is Never Enough

I Put My Heart, Hands, Mind Out Of My Vision To Get Feedback From The Universe, I Quickly Realized Devil Is On A Mission To Kill, Steal And Destroy.

I Look Around To See Those Giants That The World Celebrate And I Quickly Realized Time And Chance Happening To Everybody

I Thought It’s Time To Relax Thinking I Have Giving My Best, It Doesn’t Take Me Time To Know I Have Given Nothing To My World

I Took Time Out To Watch How Other Work Their Vision, Run With Their Passion And Trade Their Divine Gifting, By The Time I Came Back I Suddenly Realized My Vision Is Filled With Thorns And Thistles.

Working Your Work, Giving Your Best All The Time, Staying At Your Primary Assignment And Creating Network Of People of Like Minds Are The Core Secrets That The World Changers Trade.

My Few Time In Foreign Land Taught Me That It Is Not About Leaving Your Home It Is About Working For God And Walking With God That Makes The Different In Life. A Pauper At Home Will Be The Same Anywhere In The World, And A Wise Person At Home Will Be Wise On The Field

If You Don’t Know What You Want What, You Will Trade What You Have For Nothing. Lack Of Timing Can Be Deceiving, But Whatever God Does It Shall Be Forever

Know What You Want And Focus On it. Make It Work, Ready To Give All That It’s Going To Demand, Just Make It Work By All Means. Having In Mind That Nothing Works Until Someone Works It, And There Is No Overnight Success Except Someone Standup To Work Throughout The Night.

The Secret101
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