The WORRY…Vitamins of The Mind 85-TheSecret101


Worry Is An Indication Of Inadequate Or Lack Of Knowledge At Work In You, It Shows Your Status In The School Of Life

Worry Shows The Littleness Of Every Disguise Giant In YOU, You Are Not Who You Say You Are, You Are Who You Are When You Are Face With Fear

Worry Is The Absent Of Wisdom, It Reveal The Secret Of Any One And Expose The Childishness Of An Adult

Worry Point To Your Powerlessness, And Makes You Bow Your Head Among Your Equals

Worry Is Withdrawing Your Situation From God, And Asking Satan To Take Charge

Worry Is Incapability Of One’s Ability To Think Through Solution. So How Fast You Can Count Your Blessing And See What God Has Done And What He His Doing And What Is Going To Do Will Send Any Devil Away.

Worry Is Subscribing To The School Of Fools, And Believing In The Temporary Solution Of Devil While You Live A Fake Life

Worry Cast One’s Head Down, It Create No Answer But Steals Your Joy, Peace, And Keep You Busy Doing Nothing

Worry Is Creating Barricade For Self, Places Limitation Around Self And Belittle One’s Vision

Worry Is Seeing The Power In Your Opposition While Forgetting The Power That Is Inside You

Worry Is Simply You Embracing Satan To Be In Charge Of Your Life And Discharging God Out Of Your Life.

Worry Is Satan In Charge, Displaying His Trick While Dictating For You

Therefore, The Cure For Worry Is Building Your Confidence In Jesus, And Pray Without Ceasing.

The Secret101
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