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My Note To The Married And Those That Are Desiring Marriage

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Who you are is in your character and every good character must be build on the platform of experience and knowledge acquisition. In the area of marriage Life During Courtship Is the Preliminary Stage Of Marriage While Life After Marriage Ceremony Is The Real Marriage. Below are the 26 Secrets to know if you are about to sign up for or you are already in marriage.

1. Knowing/Learning: Introduction Of The Real Self And Responsibility of Each Party To Change
2. Growing And Bonding: Despite The Flaws, Both Parties Still Love And Ready To Adjust To New ways Of Life
3. Living/Result: Enjoyment And Real Love Display Having Learned New Things And Growing At The Same Time

Ten Things To Expect In First STAGE OF MARRIAGE
1. Is The Stage At Which You Will See What You Don’t Know That You Once Think You Know
2. Is The Stage At Which You Will Know The Real Person You Marry
3. Is The Stage At Which You Will Know If You Are A Baby Or Adult
4. Is The Stage At Which You Don’t Have Anybody To Run To Except The Person That Wrong You
5. Is The Stage At Which You Will Make A Decision To Either Make It Worst Or Make It Work
6. Is The Stage At Which You Either Forgive Or You Try Another Marriage That Will Never Work
7. Is The Stage At Which You Will Wish To Still Remain Single, But Is Too Late
8. Is The Stage At Which All Of Your Assumption Will Either Be Manifestation Or Frustration
9. Is The Stage At Which You Will Be Thinking What Makes You Choose Your Spouse Among Others
10. Is The Stage At Which You Either Follow Your Heart And Lose Your Marriage Or You Follow God’s Instructions And Keep Your Marriage

1. Ladies Start What They Can’t Finish, It Is Men Responsibility To Love Them Regardless Of Their Flaws
2. Improper And Lack Of Maximizing Singleness Will Largely Affect Marriage Negatively
3. It Is Better To Wait For God To Choose For You Than You Rush And Choose For Yourself Because You Will Automatically Rush Out
4. Every Marriage Must Be Tend And Keep, If You Don’t It Will Grow Thorns And Thistles For You
5. Marriage Is The Only Institution That You Will Receive Certificate On The Day Of Admission
6. You Either Make Your Marriage Work Or It Will Make Your Life Go Worst
7. It Is Better To Be Single And Learn Than To Be Married And Regret.
8. You Can’t Rethink After Your Oath And Signature
9. Husband As The Head And The Leader, Wife As The Neck And Follower
10. Everything That Start Must Finish With Both Parties, Introduction Of Third Party Is Forbidden

1. Marriage Is Your Launching Pad To The World Of Answered Prayer
2. Marriage Is The Platform In Life To Produce 10,000 Against Your Normal 1000
3. Marriage Is One Of Devil’s Strategies To Make People To Get Low Or No Result

To Your Success In This Month Of Exploit.

…Be Inspired, Help Others And Live Abundance Life

Rotimi Adedokun

The Secret Man