The Wisdom 2…Vitamins of The Mind 87-TheSecret101

Wisdom Is Not Your Strength But In Following Instruction That Makes You Soar Like An Eagle.

Whatever Require Your Power Knows You Don’t Have Wisdom To Undertake The Task, And Whatever Require Your Wisdom Knows You Don’t Need Power To Execute The Task

Wisdom Is Not In Words Because Anybody Can Say Anything But Real Wisdom Is In Result Oriented Action

Wisdom Is Not In The Tangible Things That You Possess, But In The Intangible Force That Produce The Tangible That Your World Can See, Feel And Touch

Wisdom Is Not In Your Struggle, But In The Peace, Joy And Abundance That Is All Around You

Wisdom Is Not In Your Present Status, But In The Ability To Maintain, Sustain And Retain The Secret That You Found In All Situation.

Wisdom Is Not In The Mortgage That You Are Paying Monthly, But In Present Apartment That You Leave Without Fear Or Pressure Of Debt

Wisdom Is Not In The Latest Brand Of Car That You Bought With All Of Your Saving, Or In Your Monthly Payment For The Car But In Ability To Drive Your Present Car Without Debt

Wisdom Is Not In The Extravagant Life That You Are Living, But In Ability To Cut You Coat According To Your Size And Living Ready For The Tomorrow That Others Can’t See Or Afraid Of

Wisdom Is Not In Eating Your Seed And Fruit In The Famine Time Like This, But In Sowing Your Seed And Sharing Your Fruit With Others.

The Secret101
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