Settle It In Your Heart…Vitamins of The Mind 94-TheSecret101

Settle It In Your HeartIt’s Childish To Think Challenges Will Not Comes Your Way, In fact, As Long As You Are Still Breathing You Are Inviting Challenges. Why? Only The Death Are Out Of This World Of Competition And You Know To Win Any Battle Of Life You Must Compete With Opponents. Settle It In Your Heart

The Day You Set Out To Do Something Different, Live Different, Create A New Life For Yourself And Start Living In Your New World. You Have Automatically Set Out For War And Invite Opposition At Highest Level That Are Ready To Fight The Good Future That You Have Seen. Settle It In Your Heart

You Are Not Fighting People That Hates You, You Not Fighting Your Superior That Refuse To Give You Good Evaluation For Your Promotion. For You Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh And Blood, But Against Principalities, Against Powers, Against The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age, Against Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness In The Heavenly Places. Settle It In Your Heart

So Many Things Are Fighting To Claim What Belongs To You, But As The Real Owner Of Your Life, You Need To Take Your Stand And Give It All That It Takes To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith, Because There Are Many Effectual Doors That Is Open To You But They Are Many Adversaries. Settle It In Your Heart

As God Set Is Plan And Purpose For Your Life So Is Satan. If You Want God’s Plan And Purpose To Prevail You Must Be Ready To Travail All The Time Because You Have TO Pray Without Ceasing. Settle It In Your Heart

God’s Vision Is In Chapters, How Far You Can Read And Ready For The Next Chapter Will Determine The Level You Will Stop, And How Long The Book Of God’s Vision For You Life Is Close Will Determine How Long Your Life Will Waste. Settle It In Your Heart

If You Can Make Good Decision, Set Achievable Goals, Always Excited About, Trust God For All Thing, Be Passionate About Life And Believe If Anyone Can Do It, You Can Do Also, Then No Force On Earth Can Stop You Unless You Want To Stop Yourself.  Settle It In Your Heart

Whatever You Can See That Has Happening To One, Is The Cheapest Thing God Can Do For You, Because What Eyes Have Not Seen, Ear Have Not Heard And What Has Not Come To The Heart OF Men Are What God Has For You IF You Love Him. Settle It In Your Heart

If You Can Wait, Hope And  Believe In God That Is Able, Willing, Ready To Do Exceedingly Far Above What You Can Ask, Think And Or Imagine According To His Spirit That Is At Work In You, Then He Will Do Exactly What You Have Want Him To Do. Settle It In Your Heart

Your Findings Can’t Change God, Your Intellect Can Comprehend Him. Your Personality Can’t Change Him, Because Nothing Can Change His Word. None Of His Words Comes Back Void Until They Do That Which It Was Sent. So Be Rest Assure For Any Of His Spoken Words To You Will Surely Come To Pass Settle It In Your Heart

To Make Decision or Not, To Change Or Not. The Heart Is The Place Where Things Are Receive, Settle And Finalize. Once You Can Settle It In Your Heart You Will Surely Get It Cheap In Real Life. Settle It In Your Heart

The Secret101
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