Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game…Vitamins of The Mind 95-TheSecret101

Persistence1If You Think What You About To Start Will Give You Instant Result Don’t Bother About Doing It Because You Will Be Disappointed And Back out If The Reverse Is The Case. One Of The Rule In The School Of Life Is Persistence.  Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

Whatever That Want To Work Or Make Impact Will Seem Not To Work At The Beginning. The Reason Is Simple, Every Gold Must Pass Through Fire And Every Value Must Be Tested. Every Vision Must Be Prove And Every Dream Must Be Challenge. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

Any Magnificent Building Start From Foundation. Every Adult Start From The Belly As A Pregnancy. So Success Has Stages, And Nobody Can Jump The Stages Including You.. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

Everything Will Work If You Believe And Wait For It To Work, And Nothing Will Work If You Can’t Wait For It To Work. That’s Why Experience Is Not Generated And Nobody Can Design It As Software To Install For Others Use. Everybody Must Experience Life In Different Ways, Because It Will Be Need Someday. So Don’t Be Tire The Payback Time Is Almost Here. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

Fight The Fight, Work The Work, Be Expose To Learning, Be Ready To Acquire Everything Necessary And Needed For You Life. You Can’t Tell Why You Are Where You Are. Appreciate Every Stage OF Your Life But Don’t Settle For Less, Cry Loud Via Your Daily Action And Move To The Universe That You Need A Change For Next Level. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

If It Is Possible For One, It Is Possible For All. You Can Do It That Is Why You Begins It. You Will Achieve It More Than The Formal If You Stay To Work It, Because Everything Is Possible If You Are Positive. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

There Is Giant In Every Man’s Promise Land, It Is Your Responsibility To Fight And Take What Belongs To You By Force Through Work, Believe And Your Bold Steps. Remember If You Work It A lot Will Be Liberated And If You Don’t A lot Will Be Enslave The Choice Is Yours, Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

If You Want To Be The First Person You Must Ready For The Principal Price, All That You Are Enjoying Today Are The Price Of Some People, That’s Why We Can Remember Their Names It Now. You Can Include Your Own Name On The List, By The Price You Are Want To Pay Now. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

Don’t Stop It Will Cost You, Don’t Wait To Long, It Will Limit You. Whatever Makes You Run Today Will Make You Run Tomorrow. Face Your Fear And Get The Best. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

You Need To Determine To Get The Best, You Need To Move Everyday And Every time If You Want To Get To Your Destination On Time, But Only The Zealous Can Get It Done With Their Passion. If You Do It Like Others You Will End Like Them, But If You Depart And Do It Differently With All Your Inner Begin You Will Get To The Zenith Of Your Life. Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game

The Secret101
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1 thought on “Persistence Is The Rule Of The Game…Vitamins of The Mind 95-TheSecret101

  1. Segun Moses Oguande (S.M.O)

    Yes strongly concur! The truth is that sometimes you just feel exhausted and the body tells you ” ok I am done now!” but I have discovered (from experience) that’s just exactly the time to give that push again!! This might me breaking status-quo, opening new path, challenging ways its done….yes I believe persistence is the game!



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