The 2014 Secrets

MeWelcome On Board The Flight 2014. Below Are The 3 C’s For The Year:

1. Connection
2. Commandment
3. Commitment


What Is Connection?

It’s Simply The Force That Link You With Invisible God. It Is The Zeal That Backs What You Display In The Physical And The Extra Power That Moves You To Action Because Of Your Source.

Areas To Be Connected With God In Year 2014

1. In Your Heart–Hide His Words There
2. In Your Ways— Endeavor And Let The Fear Of God Wrap And Engulf You.
3. In Your Input And Out Output–Activity For Productivity


What Is Commandments?
These Are The Special And Divine Rules From God To Be Observed By Men As Strictly Stated In The Book Of Life.

God’s Commandments For The Year 2014

1. Live Right
2. Give Back–10% To God
3. Influence Others–Soul Winning, Bring Many To God Through Jesus Christ.

What Is Commitment?

It Is The Energy Behind Dedication. It Is Unseen Force That Get Things Done Through You. It Is The Power That Walk Within You And Work Through You For Result. It Is The Deadly Cause To The World Of Productivity And The “To Do” In The School Of Life.

God’s Commitment To You For The Year 2014

1. Abundance Of Divine Blessing And Favor
2. Divine Protection And Health
3. Making You The Star Of Your World– You Become Celebrity

The Secrets For The Year 2014

1. God’s COMMITMENT Is A Function Of His COMMANDMENTS That Is Strictly Follow, Which Is Trigger By Your CONNECTION.

2. If You Are CONNECTED To God’s Ordinances, You Will Hearken To His COMMANDMENTS, And This Will Provoke His COMMITMENT.

3. It Is Of You To CONNECT To God, It Of You To Follow His COMMANDMENTS, It Is Of God To COMMIT To His Promises. Remember You Cannot Help God.

Life Nuggets For The Year 2014

1. Found Your Year With Connecting To God
2. Build On The Foundation Of The Year By Adhering To God’s Commandment
3. Complete Your Year With Trusting God’s Commitment. He Is Too Faithful To Fail.

The Big Question

Everybody Must Arrive, Either You Are Making Change To Your Life Or You Are Stagnate Repeating What Brought You This Far. Where Will You Be On This Same Day In The Year 2015?

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
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