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The Secret Of Payment

paymentPayment Is What Is Due To Every Worker. It Gives Assurance To The Diligent And Rest To It’s Beneficial.

The 5 Nuggets Of Payment

1. Every Laborer Is Worthy Of His Pay
2. Whatever That Takes From You, Is Mandated To Give To You
3. Work Attract Pay, If You Desire Pay Work Your Work
4. You Are The Determinant Of Your Own Pay.
5. The Capacity Of The People You Serve Will Determine Capacity Of Your Pay.

As Earth Is The Platform For Men To Explore. So The Hands Of The Diligent Is The Platform Where Money Comfortable.

There are not scarcity of money, we only have scarcity of responsibility that will provoke payment.

How much you are willing and ready to give into your work will determine how much you are ready to be pay.


As you are ready to swap your card so someone is ready to swap his card. What are you willing to offer?

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Secret Today 03142014

MeThe Power Of Time

Nothing Makes Vision Real Like Result, Nothing Makes Result Real Like Value, And Nothing Makes Value Real Like Time. Time Plus Light Equal Good Life.

What Is Time?
Time Is The Hidden Power Than Create The World That People Can’t See That You Have Envision.

The 5 Secrets Of Time
Time Builds
Time Restores
Time Changes
Time Creates
Time Exposes Your Hidden Values

Time Works With Life, If You Want The Best Of Time Work With Time.

What To Do With Time

Create Time To Think And Act
Create Time To Reason And Challenge Yourself
Create Time To Relate And Build Network
Create Time To Make Happen And Bring To Exist
Create Time To Create Real Living

Time Create Things But People Don’t Pay For Time. They Only Pays For What Time Create So Let Your Time Be Productive Every Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, And Year.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The 5 Major Secret Questions Of Life

QuestionLife is all about question. Every day is asking what are you up to? Your family is asking are you really in charge? Your wife is asking for your person-do you still love me? Your children are demanding your attention. Your bank is asking you for money. Your employer is asking for your time. God is asking for your Life through Jesus Christ. Electronic devices are demanding your focus.

Life Questions

1. What Do You Want? Desire
2. What Do You Really Want? Deserve
3. What Can You Pay For? Willingness
4. What Can You Die For? Sacrifice
5. What Will You Regret If You Don’t Accomplish? Vision

What Do You Want? Desire

In the school of life the first requirement to again access is desire. Desire here means dreams. What do you think when you see empty lands? What comes to your mind when you see crowd gather? What flashes in your mind when you see people paying bill? Thoughts are forces that gives bearing to life. They give focus and beautify life. Thoughts provokes dreams, and dream produce LIFE. Everything in life is asking you–what do you want or what do you want to see. Empty land is asking you: Do you think you can have your desire home on me? Crowd is asking we are ready to pay you if you can offer us your products and services. What do you want is the key to what you want to see. Pause and ask yourself what do I want.

What Do You Really Want? Deserve

There is different between what you want to see around you and what you want to become in life. You might want something for others and don’t desire it yourself. Self-desire is key in the school of life. If you want to see the latest, you should strive to become the latest. What you want to become is the elevator to what you want to be. Your person will determine what you hear, see and talk about. Self-desire precede outward-achievement. Self-desire is the capacity to create the world within that build and gets you ready for the world you want to see. Everything that you really want will graduate from self-desire to what you deserve. You deserve by contributing your best to see the reality. Do you really desire to see the six to seven figure $ in your bank account? Do you really desire to get marry before the end of the year? Do you really desire your own home? Do you really desire your own car? Do you really desire to travel around the world? Whatever you really desire becomes what you deserve when you become what will make it happen.

What Can You Pay For? Willingness

Life simply put value. Without value life is next to nothing. Everybody has value but not everybody that is valuable. The secret of valuable is to make value available to others. What then make life valuable? The answer is simple? Meet the needs of people. You pay for rent because someone meet the need of your shelter. You pay for your phone bill because someone meet the need of your communication. You pay for your car because someone meet the need of transportation. Life therefore, is all about call and response that is, needs and values. Everything is available if you are ready to pay. So, the third question of life is what are you willing to pay and how much you are ready to pay. It is not only by money, you can pay through your energy, time, and communication. Life is asking about your willingness to pay it is called zeal for life. The value you place on something will determine the amount you are willing to pay. How much are you willing to pay for the kind of life you want?

What Can You Die For? Sacrifice

Life is not just to be a flow but a Pro. Life is not just desire, good life is more than deserve, there is much more than willingness. Meaningful life is sacrifice. Where are you dreams? Where are your desires? What stops you from going to your dreamland? Sacrifice is the GAP between you and YOU. You are not yet you. There is much to your person than you can imagine. What keeps you here and still ready to keep holding you is the absent of sacrifice. Sacrifice therefore is the force that propel you to the life you deserve. It’s a price you pay to get the prize you want. Wake before others, work hard than others, help more people than others are all sacrifice. Without sacrifice your enemy will win the trophy of life and make you a failure forever. Sacrifice therefore is going beyond yourself in other to achieve what you want. What Can You Die For? If you have find it, pay the price.

What Will You Regret If You Don’t Accomplish? Vision

With my few days on earth, I have come to the understanding that success is not fulfillment. A lot of people are successful but not fulfill. Fulfillment is the accomplishment of life task as related to how God fashioned your heart. Fulfillment, is living a life with vision and be on a mission to contribute to this world. Fulfillment therefore, is the force that pronounce you a success within not what people say of you. Fulfillment makes you to be on a mission that you must accomplish or you die. A fulfill person will rather fulfill his vision or die. Lack of fulfillment is shame, it devalue and pronounce you a failure in the realm of the spirit. it attract regret and create internal wound. Success makes you a winner but fulfillment makes you a champion. What Will You Regret If You Don’t Accomplish?

Regardless of the questions above, your answer is the major determinant factor in the school of life. What are you saying is much more than what others are saying. What are you saying?

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

The Secret To Failure

FailureThe Secret Today 03012014

Failure simply put neglect to do the right thing at right time.

Failure also is the postponement of what is needed to be done now, the inability to responds to responsibility and lack of vision to see the end result of work.

What Failure Is Not

Failure Is Not Lack Of Fat Bank Account.
Failure Is Not Lack Of Family Success.
Failure Is Not Lack Good Health
Failure Is Not Lack Good Car Or House
Failure Is Not Lack Promotion At Work.

What Is Failure

Failure is placing comfort over responsibility.
Failure is neglect of responsibility.
Failure is befriend procrastination but develop enmity with responsibility
Failure is lack of will-power to embrace work but celebrating irresponsibility
Failure is knowing what to do, when to do and how to do it, but refuse to take responsibility.

Jim Rohn Said Failure Is “A Few Errors In Judgment Repeated Everyday”

You should do it, you can do it, but you don’t do it = failure
You should read, you can read but you won’t read= failure
You should workout, you can do some workout but you don’t workout = failure
You should save money, you can save money, but you don’t save money= failure
You should pray, you can pray but you don’t pray= failure

Failure Therefore, Is Your Refusal To Do What You Have The Capacity To Do.

It is very hard to do, nobody has done it, nobody can do it, it is impossible Mr. Failure said. He will never see what is possible. A Failure is a person that is beclouded by reasons not to do anything because of his foolishness to see the opportunity ahead. He lives under the atmosphere of impossibilities and always overwhelm with adequate reasons not to succeed.

The End Result Of Failure

1. Devalue Destiny
2. Steals Happiness
3. Deflate Confidence
4. Reduce Self-worth
5. Evacuate Purpose

Failure Is Deceitful, You Can’t See The Effect On The Day That You Enroll Into Her College, But The Consequences Will Accumulate And Grow To A Point That Will Be Out Of Your Control And Capacity To Contain.

Areas Of Failure

Lack Of Personal Development Will Deny You Of Place In Destiny And Prepare A Place For You Among The Mediocre

Lack Of Effective Communication In Family Might Cost You Family Breakup.

Lack Of Spirituality Can Make You Become A Victim Of Circumstances, And Expose You To The Attack Of The Enemy.

Lack Of Eating Right And Burn Some Calories At The Right Time Will Cost You Good Health.

Lack Of Financial Planning Will Cost You Good Life And Make You Live A Life Of Distress.

My Advice…Don’t Let It Be You

Let everybody refuse responsibility, don’t let it be you
Let everybody refuse to read the book, don’t let it be you
Let everybody refuse to communicate with their family, don’t let it be you.
Let everybody refuse to standup and do the needful, don’t let it to be you.
Let everybody live a careless life, don’t let it to be you.

Failure is everyday, but the end result is what you see after one weeks, months and years and at the end of your life.

Trust in others or expecting from people is the highway to failure. Nobody is sufficient everybody is in need. Trust God and workout your believe then expect the miracle from the universe.

Happy Love Month

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun