The Power Of Singleness

MeSingleness Is The Key Factor In The School Of Life, Let Talk About It.

Singleness Precede Marriage. Therefore, It Must Be Taught.

Marriage Is Good But Singleness Is Great. The Single Period Of Life Is The Time To Utilize Your Power Within And Around

Marriage Is Multiplication Singleness Is Addition.

Singleness Is Simple A Time In Life To Live Ready And Get Ready To Face The Future.

Singleness Is A Period In Life, To Build Capacity Spirit, Soul And Body For The Task Ahead.

Life Nuggets For Singleness

1. God Doesn’t Create Married Man
2. Singleness Is God’s Ultimate Purpose For Mankind
3. Singleness Is The Foundation Of Life Success
4. Real Life Is Built On Singleness
5. Singleness Gives Speed Of Accomplishment

The Definition
Singleness Is The Force That Generate Wholeness, Prepares For Success And Makes Champion Out Of Anyone.

The 5 Benefits Of Singleness

Good Singleness Breeds Wholeness
Good Singleness Breeds Capacity
Good Singleness Breeds Serenity
Good Singleness Breeds Accomplishment
Good Singleness Breeds Influence

Why Must You Embrace Singleness

It Engender Life And Personal Success
It Contribute To Marital And Family Wellness
It Strengthen Your Spiritual Involvement
It Influences Your Personal Choices
It Builds You A Legacy And Footprint To Your Generation

The Secrets Of Singleness

Singleness Is A Foundation For A Successful Living—Utilize It
Singleness Is Short Period Of Life— Make Good Use Of It
Singleness Is The Time For Your Originality— Leverage On It
Singleness Makes Available Your Portion In Life— Maximize It
Never Get Tired Of Your Single Life, (The Period Is Very Short)— Accommodate It.

Think Through

1. Adam Never Disobey God When He Was Single
2. Jesus Fulfill His Mission In 3years And Six Months As A Single Man
3. Apostle Paul Formerly Saul Advice The Christians That It Good To Be Single. He Took The Gospel To The Gentiles As A Single Man
4. A Single Mother Teresa Influences Her World With A Passion To Help The Poor By Living Among Them

The Word
Now, to the unmarried (Single) and to the widows (Single) I say that it would be better for you to continue to live alone as I do (Single). (1 Corinthians 7:8 GNB)

The Secrets:
God Does Not Bless Group He Blesses Individual. God Does Not Empower Groups He Empowers Individual. Bishop David Oyedepo

As Flour Is The Principal Ingredient In The Making Of Cake, So Is Singleness To Greatness.

Think Solid Life Foundation Think Singleness.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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Twitter: @adedokunr


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