Where Is The Future? Part 1

The elders are not given the opportunity to teach their lives experiences because the young believe they are of age. The young are busy trading their future for self satisfaction of today. Watching television, playing games and listening to music 24hours a day. Their lives has been occupied by someone else visions and dreams. They don’t want to be told what to do but they are actually been directed on how to live. The world changers have successfully made them think freedom early thereby making them slaves for life. They are in debt because they borrowed the money they don’t have, to buy the things they don’t need and please people that don’t like them.

The path of future is narrow only few people are there. You can’t live like others and lead into the future. You can’t make changes by comfort but by hard-work. You can’t tread the path of failure and wish to be successful. The future is not free! What you can pay for will determine your take. Therefore, what you have is what you can afford. Success is hard-work that will establish solid life in order to produce good future. The Sales Of books dropped but the cost of gargets are increasing daily. Internet is everywhere, in order to determine what you listen to, what you watch and how you pattern your life. The Heart of the young men are filled with the dreams and visions of the world changers. My Advice Is This; Don’t Be Lost In The Crowd If You Want To Wear The Crown.

Books are written nobody wants to read, great stories are told nobody is ready to hear. Lives principles are been propounded and are available in books, DVD, and on the internet, but people are so lazy to invest time in search and research in order to locate the hidden treasures that will be of profit in the future. Rather they make proper plans for the next vacation, looking for satisfaction, forgetting that the first rules to be out of poverty is to leave the comfort zone and locate the dwelling place of champions. Because as satisfaction begets bad future so is diligent set pace for greatness. Where you going to end in live is largely determine by what you are doing now. Someone said instead of looking for the next place for vacation, why don’t you make your life the vacation so you don’t need to worry about where to spend your next vacation. Knowledge is hated; wisdom is laying low on the street, nobody cares and understanding has finally turned her back. All I know is this, in the next 5years everybody will arrive. The big question is where?

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

FB: Rotimi Adedokun
Twitter: @adedokunr
Email: adedokunr@gmail.com


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