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SEX…One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days



Sex Is The Spiritual Surrender Of Life On The Platform Of Willingness. It Was Created For Enjoyment Not Regret.

Sex Breeds Healing To The Body.
Sex Restores And Refreshes The Soul.
Sex Is The Exchange Of Life Not Just Body.
Sex Is Saying Yes.
God Created Sex But He Detest Fornicators.
God Created Sex But He Dislikes Adulterers.

As Good As Sex Is, It Is Dangerous Outside Marriage. God Will Judge All Sexual Immoralities.

Remember, Offer Your Body As A Living Sacrifice, Holy And Pleasing To
God-This Is Your True And Proper Worship.

You Are Who You Have Sex With.

One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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