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Morning Dose 20150615…DECISION


You Cannot Escape The End Result Of Your Decision

What you do or don’t do has it root in decision. What you say or don’t say has it root in decision. Where you go or don’t go has it root in decision. Life is a product of decision. God created the world by the power of His decision. He also decided to breath into the statue that He created that is why you are a living being.

The secret is that you can’t escape the outcome of your decision. That is why you will always hear the word Discretion. The word discretion is the strong use of the word decision. It is simply your daily decision that will determine your destiny which will provoke your destination. Also your Designation is a product of your decision.

You can’t escape the outcome of your daily decision. The decision of the day is the foundation of the result of the week, which will affect the output of the month. Decide to succeed, work on your goals, plan for your next action and stay till you see result. Everything is a product of everything, thinking otherwise is naive.

Remember, everybody will arrive. The question is where? Where will you find yourself at the end of the day, week, month and year. When You Get To Where You Are Going…Where Will You Be? When You Get What You Want…What Will You Have? Success and failure are predictable. The goodnews is that everyone has the capability to determine it’s place in destiny.

This morning, I want you to think deep before you go deep. Remember you can’t mock God, whatever a man sow the same shall he reap.

Think Decision

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun