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Stop Looking For Motivation Start Seeking Inspiration

Motivation is very good but it comes with expiration date. Inspiration is a fire that burns in the heart which cannot be quenched by the water of situation or circumstances. Motivation show you what to do, but inspiration show you what that must be done and ensure it is done. Motivation comes on individual for self but inspiration comes on individual for generational impact.

Motivation is external force that affect only the outside but inspiration is internal force that control external. You need motivation everyday but inspiration is in you. Influence has power over motivation but inspiration increases influence. Motivation draws power from inspiration but inspiration draws power from Aspiration. Motivation is for awhile but inspiration is forever.

You need someone to motivate you, but those that are inspired motivate others. You can live without motivation but you cannot live without inspiration. Those that are motivated are reactive, but those that are inspired are proactive. Motivation is once and again but inspiration is once and for all.

Motivation breeds frustration while Inspiration breeds fascination. As Assumption is the mother of frustration, so knowledge is one of the sources of peace. If you know what you need to know you will be inspire, but expectation is the secret behind motivation. Expectation without adequate investment will always result into total regret. Responsibility is the secret to Inspiration. Only those that get to work on self will be inspired.

As you step out this morning don’t looking for someone to motivate you, step out get into the source of life, tap from the secret of life and be inspired.

Think Inspiration Erase Motivation.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun