Morning Dose 20150716…PLANNING


You Need A Plan, You Have To Plan

Planning is the step by steps physical arrangement that God demands from a man in other to see the reality of his vision. Why? You can only plan for what you can see, because what you cannot see doesn’t exist in your world. Therefore there are two forces in the school of planning #1 is Vision/Dream and #2 is Reasoning/Thinking. This is the break down—you only plan for what you can see and you can think through your way to get there. Vision without planning is like skeleton that has life but lacks flesh. Success is at the mercy of planning and without planning purposes are defected. Good planning is the foundation of good living. If you plan enough what you have is enough. Planning gives chances to maximize opportunity. Wherever planning is, there is always clarity and focus but in the absence of planning there is confusion and distress.

Plan to serve God that is only assurance of your good future. Be quiet and sit to plan that is the only solution to be ready for the raining day because it must rain. Plan to live your life on 70% of your income that is the only chance you have to get yourself out of debt and be on your way to financial freedom. Plan to teach your family the ways of God that is the only way you can have rest, protect your prosperity and secure your posterity. Planning breeds confidence and rest. Planning creates what is not available that is needed. Also sustain what is available that is needed to be retain. Therefore, without planning you don’t have a chance and there is chances that you might end as a plank.

The only way out of catastrophe and unwanted atmosphere is your logical planning that require your absolute attention. So no one wish his way to success, greatness is a product of planning. As you step out today I want to refuse to start the day without first finish it on paper. Remember, If you are not a friend of black and white you will soon be wipe away and end on red ink.

Think Planning Think Assurance.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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