The 7 Secret Lessons From Crisis

RotimiCrisis is a life trainer, with the intent to rebrand you. As examination attracts promotion, so crisis attracts progress. That is why the bible says in Rev 3:21, 21:7, ‘he that overcome shall inherit all things and shall inherit all things.’

Crisis is the platform where greatness is display. Crisis attracts growth and embraces clarity. Crisis is the peace that is wrapped with trouble. The only purpose of crisis is to criticize you, but it will be wisdom for you to keep focus on your work. The secret is that, work is the enemy of crisis.

Challenges are inevitable. Greatness is not in the surface. Problems are promoter of destiny. As work precedes pay, so crisis precedes promotion. Therefore embrace crisis and learn from it. Winners don’t run away from opponents, champions don’t run away from competition. In the same vein, anyone that wants to be great must be ready for the demands.

Expect Crisis
Expect crisis on your faith.
Expect crisis at work.
Expect crisis in your family.
Expect crisis in business.
Expect crisis at church.
Expect crisis in your environment.

Perspective to Crisis
Don’t manage crisis, rather develop another perspective to see life.
Don’t manage crisis, rather imagine there is always way out of it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather grow above it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather create solution around it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather locate that peace in it.

Remember there is no mountain anywhere but your ignorance is the mountain of your life. Every crisis will soon crash, if you refuse to give up.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

Follow me this week as I unveil the 7 secret lessons from crisis.


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