Crisis Reveals Friend and Enemy

Crisis is inevitable in the life of anyone that want to be great. This crisis, can be financial, spiritual, marital, relationship etc. Crisis are neither friend nor enemy. The reason is simple, they are not friend because crisis time is demanding and overwhelming, but crisis is also needed for your promotion and elevation. One thing that should be in your mind, the trial of men cannot be commensurate to the appointment of God.

Time does not reveals the truth but it exposes the true color of men. In the school of success originality is what last not counterfeit. We all live in this world of thorn and thistle, wheat and tares, good and bad, also friends and enemies. It is not all the friendly face that you are seeing that are truthfully friends. The only thing that truly reveal the real from non-real is crisis.

Thus, one of the lessons that you can learn from crisis is to know the real people sent from God and identify the sent people from devil. One of the things that will make your trial time become easier is the kind of people that are there with you.

The Questions of life
What kind of people am I around?
• Everybody need Positive Mental Attitude Thinkers (PMAT)
What are the people get me thinking?
• Your thoughts are the solution to the crisis of your life.
What hope are they giving me?
• Hope is a living force that is injected into life situation for positive results
What are the people contributing to the crisis?
• Positive addition will suppress negative intakes.
Who has my kind of story among the people?
• What you behold will determine what you will become.

Therefore, life is not about the situation and condition, but your inner circle (network). If things does not work you need to check the people that are around you. You cannot prevail among the people who are not willing to support you (enemy). And you cannot go down around the people who are willing to bring you up (friends).

Jonathan helped David out of the arrow of king Saul.
Abraham took Lot along with him, but Lot took all the good part of land from him.
Abel offered the best sacrifice in the presence of Cain, nothing knowing has a wrong heart.
Jesus trusted Judas Iscariot with is treasury not knowing that he is going to sell Him for treasure.
Rehoboam answered the elders wrongly and lost his kingdom because of his friends’ advice.

Remember, crisis is a teacher. And one of the things that you should allow to teach you is to identify friends from enemies.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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