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It’s Birthday Time

Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎊🎉

To God Be All The Glory. Great Things He Has Done.

Celebrating Another 365days Of Jehovah Ebenezer. The reason is simple; Ps124:1, “If the Lord had not been on our side.”

—10 years In America, became a citizen immediately after 1 year.
—9 years on my Job.
—14 years in Ministry, Preaching For Almost a decade.
—2 Master’s Degrees
—Multiple Haters ‘But God’…Divine Presence
—Unlimited Challenges ‘But God’s Finger
—Most of the time Lonely But not Alone.

My Secrets Inspiration from two people:
Late Jim Rohn, “Human Beings Can Do So Much, If There Is So Much To Do; And Human Beings Can Do So Little, If There So Little To Do.”

Bishop David Oyedepo, “When your task becomes a must, all your senses will come alive.”

Two Things That I Hate:

  1. Whenever a human being says, it has never be done.
  2. Whenever a system tells me it is impossible.

Never Going Pain Of My life:
Because of death, I couldn’t bring my mother to the United States.

Greatest Gain of My Life after Salvation:
My Wife

Greatest Motivation Of My Life:
My 3 Ds’

My Love Order:
Jesus Christ
My Wife
My Children
My Ministry

My Political Party: 🤫
Personal, I Don’t Want To Make It Public, Just To Avoid Controversy.

Religion: Pentecostal/Charismatic: God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit (Nothing Else).

What Are You Passionate About:

What Do You Think About The Most:

What Do You Love To See Daily:
Personal Development

Who Do You Love The Most:
Jesus Christ

Two Things You Dislike The Most:
Thinking $— Instead of Adding Values
Working for $—Instead of Working To Learn & Grow

God in One Word—Possibility
Jesus Christ in One Word—Speed

What Is The Scaring Secret Of Your Life:
I Never Knew I’m Black Until I Got To The United States 🇺🇸

What Are The Things You Wish Should Have Known Earlier:
—Dealing With People
—The Use Of Words: Once It’s Uttered It Can’t Be Recalled.
—The Demands Of Life

What Is One Book Every Adult Should Read:
48 Laws Of Power— Roberts Greene.
Learn the first law before you start working for others.

Advise To The World.
Always Think Posterity not Prosperity—What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours. As You’re Working For Others Think Of Starting Your Business.

Your Personal Quote:
There is nothing like tomorrow, but today that is well invested, planned and executed with excellence.

Regardless of who poisoned your coffee if you drink a poisoned coffee you will die. Either it’s a pastor, government, mentor, boss, parent, spouse, friends or colleagues. Anyone who drinks a poisoned coffee will die. Posion here stands for lies. Accepting people’s lies, is like allowing someone to add a poison to your coffee. The reason is simple; any one who drinks a poisoned coffee will end inside a coffin. Refuse the lies of impossibility, for example when you hear it cannot be done, or you can’t do it. Rather, go for things like 👍 you can do it, give it all you got, try again and don’t quit.

RotimiAdedokun 🎁🎊🥳🎈🎈🎂🎉😘


TotalWomen Masterclass

If you are married to a Nabal be the Abigail, if you lost your husband follow Naomi and be the Ruth. If they want to kill your people be the Esther. It is time learn what it takes to be a Totalwoman. Beauty – knowledge = Frustration. Beauty + knowledge = Average. Beauty + relevant knowledge = TotalWoman. Use the link in bio and set up to develop capacity to do, be and have all that you need to be a totalwoman.

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2020 One Year Bible Reading Plan Day 10 | Bible Study | Rotimi Adedokun | Matt 22-23

Jan 10, 2020

1. Scripture Of The Day
Matt 23:12
And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Prayer Points
Father, by divine wisdom, give me an answer for my enemies in Jesus name.
Matt 22:15 and 22;
Matt 22Verse 23 and 33,
Matt 22Verse 34and 46

Ø Father in the name of Jesus, May everything dying or dead in life receive the life of God in Jesus’ name. Matt 22:32
Matt 22:32…… God is not a God of the dead but the living.

Ø Father, by all means, let your purpose be fulfilled in my life this year in Jesus name

Matt 22:3,5, 6…. And the wedding hall was filled with dinner guests.

3. Prophecies
Jesus always knows what to say, in all situations, may this year be the year of revelation for you in Jesus name.

Matt 22:18

4. Revelation

The right answer is the secret stop wrong questions.

The Pharisees came…Matt 22:15
The Sadducees came… Matt 22:23
They both came Matt 22:34
The answer stops them… Verse 20-22…give to Caesar what belongs to Ceasar
Verse 29-32…
The Powerful statement Verse 46 No one was able to answer in Him a word did not do anyone dares from that day on to ask Him another question.

5. Inspiration
Matt 23:39

Those who want to see God my honor his servant
6. Action
Matt 23:39
Honor is the mother to access God’s throne. If you don’t honor those who God sent your way, you will never have access to God’s ways.

Honor your Parent
Honor your Pastor
Honor your Spouse

7. Question Of The Day

Question: Which city kill her prophets and stone those who are sent to her?
Answer: Matt 23:37

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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Daily work compels future success

Failure is not an inability to achieve one’s set goal or vision, but the state of doing nothing. While success is the daily intentional activities with the mentality of productivity to achieve a set goal. Someone said, quitters don’t win, and winners don’t quit.” It’s easy to make a list of failures. Just do nothing or quit, but ensure you share your story with the world (excuses). This is the secret; winners don’t stop unless they get results. They don’t quit unless they get their hit, and they don’t back out unless they attain their height. To make the list of winners, do the following: add values daily, take steps towards your ultimate goal daily, and daily refuse any offer outside your original offer. The reason is simple; every daily continuation leads to the future contribution.

Be Positive


If you think you can, you’re right, and if you think you can’t, you’re right. The secret is this: your conclusion is the seal of your portion. The state of your heart is the secret of your life. What you can’t imagine happening will never happen. Your mental readiness with faith has an unlimited capacity for results. Living a life that is void of negativity is the beginning of a new dawn. During chaos, talk peace, in sickness project good health, and in lack speak abundance. How you response during challenges is what will determine your circumstance. The reason is simple; everything is possible if you are positive. Positivity is the mother of possibility.



The Mystery Of Everyday…Vitamins of The Mind 108-TheSecret101

AdayEveryday Breeds Everyday Therefore Choose To Be Better Each Day For That Coming Great Day That You Are Expecting.

Some Die And Some Live Everyday, You Must Choose To Live And Not Die Because Your Decision Matter Everyday

Everyday Some Receive Promotion While Some Accept Stagnation. It All About Your Choice Each Day

Empire Are Built And Emperor Are Raise Each Day. You Make The Decision Of Where You Going To Be Some Day By Your Action Everyday

In The Middle Of Storm Some Cross While Some Don’t, Some Stays While Some Don’t. All This Happens Everyday. But You Need To Define And Choose Where You Want To Be Someday.

Some Eat Excess While Some Starve Each Day. In Everything Just Know That Everything Is A Product Of Everyday.

Life Is A Game Of Everyday. Learn Everyday To Change Your Level Someday. Communicate Your Vision To Get The People That Will Believe In It Some Day.

Everyday Gives Another Opportunity To See Someday. Life Regard Your Decision And Make Power Available For Your Action. Each Day Is All You Got To Create The Change And Live Your Life For The Day.

Everyday Is A Seed. It Grows Faster Than You Can Ever Imagine And Gives The Result That You Deserve. The Death Of A Seed Does Not Connote The Seed Is Not Germinating, But Getting Ready For God’s Contribution That Only Requires Your Human Input.

Live Everyday As The Only What You Got, Because There Might Not Be Another Opportunity To Correct Your Wrong Again, Be Ready Each To Live The Life You Might Discover Someday.

Everyday Is The Same, But You Can Recreate Each-day To What You Desire. You Are In Charge And You Will Remain In Charge Everyday.

The Secret101
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