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THANKSGIVING…One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days



Life Secrets Are Locked Inside Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Is The Force That Set God On Motion For Your Sake. It’s Activate God’s Power, Purpose And Goodness Towards You.

Thanksgiving Is Simply Doing What God Cannot Do For Himself, So He Can Do What You Cannot Do For Yourself.

In The School Of Continuation, Recognition Is The Key. Thanksgiving Is Recognizing God’s Goodness In Order To Provoke More Of His Kindness.

In Order To Get God’s Attention Thanksgiving Is The Requirement.

Remember, Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving And Into His Courts With Praise: Be Thankful To Him And Bless His Name.

One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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Vitamins of The Mind 64-TheSecret101…What If Is The Secret Of Appreciation

What If Is The Secret Of Appreciation

What If You Are Not Part of Those That Will See The Light Of Today. You Cannot See The Beauty of This World Again.

What If There Is No Opportunity For You To Do What You Want To Do Next.

What If You Are Blind, Using The Wheelchair, Deaf And Require Aid For Movement.

What If You Are In Sick Bed, And There Is No Hope Of Using Some Part of Your Body Again.

What If The Devil Is Playing Game With Your Health, And You Spend Fortune In Hospital Bill Everyday.

What If Your Reproductive Organ Are Not Working And You Cannot Reproduce Again.

What If You Don’t Have Shelter Now Sleeping On The Street, And Don’t Know When The Next Meal Will Be Coming From.

What If You Have Lost Some Vital Part Of Your Body And Nobody Opposite Sex Is Ready To Marriage You.

What If You Are Still In the World (Smoking, drinking, Stealing etc), And You Are Yet To Know Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Personal Savior.

What If You Have One of these Deadly Uncurable Diseases In Your Body.

What If Is The Secret Of Appreciation. If You Cannot Think Deep You Will Not Know Why You Need To Thank God For Your Situation, Remember In Everything Give THANKS For That Is The Will Of God Concerning You.

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