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2020: Writing Challenge Day 5 | Question| Rotimi Adedokun

Everything is hidden, and everything is secret, but one right question can unveil, discover, and uncover every hidden treasure. Without the right question, you can never step into the proper realm of destiny.

How can I be of help to you is far better than what do you want? Let me know what I can do to help you access your dream is far better than I don’t think you will find a solution to your situation. There are differences between I am not earning enough and what can I do to make more. Questions, therefore, open impossible doors. It attracts possibilities and invites solutions.

The question you don’t ask today will surely become a problem tomorrow. The question you don’t wrestle with today will make you lose out tomorrow. A question from the right person who has a right heart is like a knife in the hand of a doctor who wants to cut someone open.

Can I help to fix your stuff, is more powerful than I don’t think that can be fixed. A good question does not see the impossibility; rather, it masterminds what you can do to a seemingly impossible situation.

Question breeds possibility triggers imagination and birth a new thing. However, assumption becomes the order of the day whenever question is absent. A question is like a light that chases away darkness and invites a solution to take over the situation. It is better to ask questions and be call names than to be quiet and be a fool. A good question is like a master key that can unlock any close door.

What can I do to serve you better opens the door for service and respect? How can I stop making mistakes and improve on my job open the door for growth and development? And how can I be of help to you open the door of service and help?

For families to grow, there are questions to be asked. Marriages that want to be successful need to answer some questions. Some questions demands answer if one want to be financially successful. As growth to learning, and solutions to problems, so is an answer to a question.

Think solution, think asking some questions.

The big question is, what question do you need to ask yourself today?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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Morning Dose 20150706… ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS

Ask Tough QuestionsMe

Questions are one of the vital forces in the school of success. Nothing can stop that man who has an answer to questions and ask tough questions. Questions are the provoker of answers and solution to challenges. Therefore, everything that is awaiting solution has it root in an unasked questions.

Questions can be difficult to answer but they are forces that unmask for reality and display the real person. Remember ask it shall be given and seek you shall found and knock the door shall be open unto you. Only those that ask question are qualify for answer. Remember we live in the world of answers.

Ask question about your finances. What will be your economy status in the next five years if you continue to squander your entire paycheck?

Ask question about your health. Remember, health is wealth. The percentage of your good health will determine the capacity of the wealth that you will enjoy. How long will you live with the present health?

Ask question about your personal development. The level of your preparation will always determine your level of your usefulness. Your depth in life will determine your relevant to your world. The question you should ask yourself all the time is that am I important to my world?

Ask question about your spiritual life. Remember, the physical world is control by the spiritual world. If you don’t develop your spirit man, you will end as a prey to the roaring lion of this world. This is the question of spirituality how much of the word of God do I know?

The question you don’t ask today will be a strong reason to stop you tomorrow. If you don’t want to be stopped you need to ask and answer some tough questions.

Think Questions Think Solutions

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun