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Who told you?

The littleness of men makes their words of no effect. Only God’s Word has the capacity and capability to deliver every of men hearts desires.

Who told you that you cannot excel?
Who told you that your situation cannot turn?
Who told you that you can’t celebrate?
Who told you that the sickness will kill you?
Who told you that you will not survive?

No matter what men said to you, come on Saturday May 4th, 2019 by 11AM @ Hampton Inn and Suite and hear what God has to say. Why? Men are liars, but God is the Truth.

Remember, all things are possible if only you can believe and faith comes by hearing.




The 12 Secrets Of The First Quarter In The Year 2015

Don’t Wait To Make All The Money Before You Display Your Gratitude To Your Mother. -Your Mother Needs Your Love Than She Needs Your Money.

Don’t Think A Lady Needs Your Money To Love You.-Ladies Are Not Just Love, They Are Also Instrument Of Love. Whoever Turn Them On Will Receive Love Unlimited, Then Money Will Come. The Secret Is That Money Flows And Dwells In The Direction Of Love.

Don’t Think You Are A Man Because You Have Male Organs In Between Your Legs. – Manhood Is Not Sex. It Is Integrity And Responsibility With Continuity.

Don’t Think You Are Ahead Of Others Because You Are Living Abroad-The Blessings Of God Is From Above Not From Abroad.

Don’t Think You Can Last Long Living A Fake Life- Life Will Fade, If It’s Fake.

Don’t Think There Is Peace In This World. The World Is Like A Market Place (A Place Of Noise And Distractions). Your Are Either Buying Or Selling. So, Mind Your Business And Live Ready To Go Back Home (Heaven) Anytime.

Don’t Think Google Have An Answer To All Your Problems-Everything On Google Are Human Made. Ask God Instead Of Google.

Don’t Think You Can Lead Without Been Led-Every Teacher Was Once A Student, And Apostle Was Once A Disciple.

Don’t Think You Can Love The World And Love God At The Same Time- A Friend To God Is An Enemy To The World And An Enemy Of The World Is A Friend Of God. Make Your Choice.

Don’t Think You Can Work Against Life Secrets And Not Be Naked-Life Is About Setup If You Work With It, It will Reward You, If You Don’t It Will Frustrate You.

Don’t Think You Can Matter Without Jesus-Real Living Begin And End With Jesus. Remember He is The Way (The Path To Your Greatness And Destination) The Truth (He Can’t Lie. He Is Forever Faithful) And Life (Nothing Is Permitted To Die In Your Hands If You Believe In Him)

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Life Is Simple, Because The Secrets Are Available.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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