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2020: Writing Challenge Day 1 | Discipline| Rotimi Adedokun

Hard work is meaningful. However, beyond hard work is discipline. Discipline is the ability to put your body under in other to achieve a set goal. Discipline is a force that ensures the finished product all one’s engagement. Discipline is the capability that solves all hard sentence of life. Nothing becomes great only by hard work, greatness is much more a function of hard work and discipline. Hard work gets to work, but discipline continues with the task until the work results in success. George Washington said, “discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”

Purpose is excellent; a vision is good, and a dream is powerful, but discipline is the mother of them all. Without discipline, purpose will be questioned. Without discipline, vision will be blurring, and a dream without discipline will be drenched. Hard work goes to work, but discipline gets the work done. Vision sees the future, but discipline draws the plan and picks the team, shares responsibilities, and coordinate get the results.

Nothing is impossible where discipline is still breathing. There is always a way out when discipline is still leading the way. Show me a disciplined man, and I will point to you the possibility in a seemingly impossibility situation. Discipline is a creator; Discipline is a finisher, and discipline is the insurance of greatness. Everybody can go to rest, but not discipline. Discipline says until today’s task is complete, rest will never be tolerated.

No one can be discipline for you, you are either discipline or you are not, and if you are not, you will serve the disciplined soul. Discipline can either be a must, a life, or a choice. Discipline is a must for a winner, a life for a champion but a choice for an average man. You can’t be disciplined and not know, and you can’t be disciplined and not win. Winners are discipline, but champions live a disciplined life.

Little discipline today will get your names out of the mediocre list. More discipline will get you in the right direction, while real discipline will change your destiny and write your name among world changers. Think about real success and the possibility of life, think discipline.

The big question is, are you discipline?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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Discipline Is Simply Operating As Demanded Not As Convenient. As Greatness Is Not For The Simply, So Life Is Not For The Lazy. Discipline Is The Force That Fire Up Life. Discipline Triggers Greatness, Attracts Success, Invites Accomplishment, Promises Help And Creates Good Destination. Discipline Breed Success And Promise Good Rest. Discipline Is The Trademark Of Champions. It Guarantee A Place In Destiny. If You Are Not Discipline You Will Soon Receive Discipline.

The Secrets Of Discipline

Discipline Makes You Rest While Others Sleeps
Discipline Makes You Save Money While Others Spend It All
Discipline Makes You Study While Other Scan Through Books
Discipline Makes You To Be Diligent While Others Are Lazy
Discipline Makes You Plan Then Act While Act Then Plan.
Discipline Makes You Communicate While Others Talk

Understand Discipline

Discipline Does Not Connote Perfection But Proper And Quick Precaution.
Discipline Take Responsibility To Fix And Prevent Occurrence Of Incident.
Discipline Is Not A Gift But A Choice.
Discipline Putting Your Flesh Under.
Discipline Is Winning Yourself For Others Not To Win You.

Think Greatness Think Discipline

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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